A letter to my brother, Alex

5 years ago
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Dear Alex,


Hi, it’s me, Lucy, your sister!  Don’t roll your eyes…. I know we already talk all the time, but now that Daddy showed me how to type, and I am big enough to get to the computer myself, I wanted to write you a note.  Sometimes it is easier to express feelings when you write them down.  And besides, you know just as well as I do, that Mommy and Daddy are very nosey…. This way if they snoop they can see what I said….


Oh Allie, thank you so much for helping me find my forever home.  I know I owe all my good fortune to you.  First, you whipped these parents of ours to shape, so they were already fully trained for my arrival.  Then, I know that you paw picked me for their daughter.  They know it too.  And I also know that if not for your conversation with Daddy, he never would have opened his heart to the idea of me.   Thank you buddy…


Alex, everything you told me about mommy and daddy has been right.  You made it so easy for me to settle in here.  Can you believe it is a full month?  I think back to that first Saturday morning that I woke up in this place for the first time.  It wasn’t strange, because I felt your presence.  I spent my first night in the same room where you spent your last, and I felt your spirit so much.  So did Mommy and Daddy.    We all knew you were looking over all of us. I think that was why I wasn’t afraid when I started exploring the house…


I am so glad that you let me in on the lessons you learned the hard way.  I am so glad you prepared me and taught me that I don’t have to be scared, not of Mommy and Daddy, not of the house, not of people that come to visit, and not even the mean old Dyson vacuum.  It has made my time here so much more fun.  I actually have had a lot of fun with all the people who have met me (it doesn’t hurt that they coo that I am so cute).  Also, you’d be so proud.  When Emi came to clean, I didn’t run away. I stayed with her the whole time, and even pointed out when she missed vacuuming a spot.  Am I good or what?


Al, Mommy and Daddy know about our conversations.  I think.  If not, they pretend to…. But in the beginning, before they figured out you were guiding me (they aren’t the sharpest you know) you should have seen their faces when I did something you told me to.  It was so funny!  I thought mommy and daddy were going to choke to death the first time I climbed up on daddy’s snack table when he was eating dinner, the same way you used to.

alex sushi 006 - wondering

Alex, you were right.  All I had to do is lay on Daddy’s chest that special way and his heart will melt.  His heart melted.  Mommy’s heart is also a big ball of mush too.  I sleep with them every night, and like you suggested, I snuggle right in between their pillows.  That way I am always surrounded by their love (and they can’t roll over and squish me.)  Sometimes when I am feeling frisky, I wrap myself around their neck and make a little Lucy muffler. That was my idea but they like it!


Don’t worry Alex.  Even though Mommy and Daddy love me lots, they love you so much too.  They talk about you all the time.  And they cry too.  A lot… But that is what you told Daddy to do last month on my Gotcha day.  You told him that he and Mommy have to follow three rules.

1- Cry when you want to.

2- Love another.

3- Never forget you.

And don’t worry brother; they follow the rules every day.  They cry.  They love me.  And they will never forget you. And neither will I….


Mommy tells Daddy all the time that she finally feels that you are at peace, and that your spirit is free because I am here to look after them.  I know they need a lot of attention and I know she is right.  I want you to know that you don’t have to worry about our parents.  I will take very good care of them and love them a lot, just like you did.  You are an amazing son, and an amazing brother.  We love you so much… and we always will… Run free Alex, run free… I have everything under control here.


All my love, yesterday, tomorrow and always,

Your sister,



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