A Letter For Apollo: The Forgotten Family Dog

3 years ago
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I'd like to introduce you to my dog, Apollo. 

Dearest Apollo,

Our beautiful Brittany, you have earned your moment in the spotlight.  I need to level with you on some things bud.  Some things that I've noticed and they bother me.  You must agree with me - you're definitely pampered with the basics in life.  We feed you well - even giving you meat scraps from time to time.  We have a nice place with a nice sized yard for you to run.  I know you love the underground fence that allows you full access to the yard with no leash.  Your given a sufficient amount of bones, balls, toys, pet beds, blankets and more.  You go with us on most weekend trips or occasional visits to doggy daycare. You don't have it so rough, right?

Let's be honest buddy, we have a love/hate relationship.  I'd do anything for you and ALWAYS make sure you have everything you need and then some but YOU can also be "the world's worst dog" (quoted from Marley and Me).  You are a one man dog.  With your only 'alpha' working outside the home you tend to act out when 'daddy' isn't home.  You steal and destroy stuffed animals, tear apart shoes, and harass the occasional, make that every single, person that strolls by.  You seem like a bottomless pit when it comes to food - even stealing food right off our plates at times!  You tend to get under my skin at the absolute worst times and I've gone as far as to say "I hate you Apollo." 

That being said, I do still love you and actually feel sorry for you often.  Five years ago I visited with a medium (psychic) after my dad passed and she said I would get you.  She saw you up there in heaven...just waiting to come down.  I know we were 'meant to be.'  I love animals and always planned on getting a dog but I do think our timing was amiss.  We bought you when our first baby girl was only 1.  Little did we know life was only going to get busier.  You often come last my dear Apollo and because of that, I'm sorry.

You have a good life bud - but perhaps not as good as some.  I'm talking the households that don't have kids or maybe their kids are grown and gone.  In those situations it seems as though their animals ARE their kids and I'm simply amazed by their devout adoration.  Those animals get the kind of attention they seek.

I'll paint a picture for you...

We're outside playing.  It's a beautiful summer day.  The girls are running all over the lawn, screaming, laughing, playing.  You are running circles around the house, favorite tennis ball in your mouth.  You come up, drop the tennis ball right next to my foot.  Time to play catch.  Or so you hope.  I look up - notice my 1 year old meandering towards the street - I immediately run to grab her.  Sorry Apollo - catch will have to wait.  The baby needs mom's full attention.

Or how about this - time for a walk!  It's too gorgeous to be inside!  We've got baby in one stroller and 4 year old on the bike.  Let's see - I can push the stroller and then lean over to push and help the biker across the streets.  Sorry Apollo - no walk for you.  I don't have that many hands and you're a strong walker who loves to chase birds and small animals.  You'll have to stay home:(

The examples could go on and on. 

We love you Apollo and try to ensure you have a nice life but we know it's not the best of the best.  Not like the people who take their dogs everywhere they go.  The people who post videos of their dogs on Facebook.  The lucky ones who socialize them at dog parks, pull them through the McDonalds drive thru to grab them an ice cream cone, buy them snazzy outfits, and comb their fur every single night.  The pup that's poised perfectly, front and center, on Christmas cards, or the one that's allowed in the kitchen during Thanksgiving Dinner.  Oh to be one of 'those' dogs... 


At the end of the day, I see you Apollo.  I notice your ball at my feet.  I see the way you sadly stare out the window as we walk down the tree lined street towards the park.  I see you eyeing our ice cream treats longing for a lick and I hear your whimper when you're 'left behind.' 

I do see you.  Someday I will make it up to you.





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