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7 years ago


Hey, all! I joined BlogHer a while back, but I have yet to do much with my account. Today's as good as any, & so I decided to have a good look around to try & figure out what I want to do with my account here. I already have 3 blogs, & so another one here seems a bit redundant. However, this could be a good opportunity to try something different.

One of my blogs focusses on the blessings in my life, although that's not its sole intent. However, with a daily post that gets posted as well in on Grace In Small Things, I've pretty much left that blog as the focus for my blessings & things for which I'm grateful, big or small.

Another one of my blogs is focussed on creativity, particularly my photography & my writing. I also want to include the creative works of my family & friends, if they're so inclined to be possibly showcased on my blog, because I'm often inspired by those closest to me.

My third blog is my review blog. Primarily reviews of books, but I'm also going to write about movies & magazines & websites I've seen because I like to share my opinion about things, & this'll be a good place for that.

So what do I want to do with my BlogHer blog? I have some ideas running around my head, & I want to make it a humourous place with some serious moments thrown in for good measure.

I'm a woman who'll be 40 in 2 weeks less 1 day, & I've never been married. I have no children, & I'm committed to staying that way unless the "right" man comes into my life. This doesn't mean that he'll be perfect - not by any means! - but it does mean that he'll have been well worth the wait, well worth giving myself wholly & completely to. Oh, & he has to love my cat as well, as Dublin's a big part of my life. haha  I want to talk about being a woman who feels as if she's just discovering herself as she emerges from a dark point in her life. I want to share about my blessings, but that'll just come out of my entries as a natural flow of blogging about life, I believe.

I've put a lot of tags for this entry, although I'm not sure if I'll hit all of them today. They're things that I want to discuss in my BlogHer blog at some time or other.

To give a brief introduction to me in general, I'm a devout Christian. If I have to put a label on the "type" of Christian I am, it'd be evangelical. That's the type of church I've attended most of my life & the kind in which I feel most at home. I have also attended an Anglican church that was similar to an evanglical one in the beliefs of the priest & most of the attendees. I've attended Pentecostal churches & Mennonite Brethren, & I've felt at home in all of the churches in which I've been involved. To me, the most important thing is that a person is a like-minded believer & as long as she/he's involved in a congregation that's helping to build up the Body of Christ, not tear it down or cause division in any way.

When I was five, I asked Jesus into my heart, although I'd wanted to do what He wanted me to do for as long as I can remember. Some people probably say that it was my parents' influence on me, but it wasn't. My parents & others have always told me that the desire to follow God was always a part of me, & I'm very grateful for that. My dad wasn't a believer when I was a child, although he is, thankfully.

When I was five, I attended the Pentecostal Sunday school, which met on Saturday in the small Arctic town in which my family & I lived at the time. I'd often stay afterwards with the teacher, Grace Priest, & we were good friends. One Saturday, she asked if I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart, & I was enthusiastic to do so. I don't remember the words that were prayed, but I can picture, clear as if it happened yesterday, Grace & me kneeling at her kitchen table as I prayed.

Mom & Dad have related to me many times how I walked down the street to go home afterwards. I was raising my hands & saying "Praise the Lord!" & "Hallelujah!" What a site I must've seen! My little coat that looked like a dress (the name of it escapes me at this time) & my dark hair peeking through the hood. Haha

When I was eleven, I rededicated myself to following Jesus. I hadn't fallen away, but I did have a greater understanding by then of what it meant to be a Christian. That was the summer of 1981. The following Easter - 12 April 1982 - I was baptised by immersion. What an experience! I wanted to do it again, but once is enough. :)

I've had times of hardship & struggle, & I'm very thankful that Jesus never promised an easy way in life. Too many people preach success & happiness for all believers if they're faithful, but I don't buy that one bit. Some of the most joyful & faithful followers have been through things far worse than I could ever imagine or ever want to go through; yet they're heroes of the faith to me.

The two worst times were in 1988 to 1989 & just the past 3 1/2 years. For a couple of months now, I've been coming out of the truly darkest time in my life. More about these periods in other times. I know that my walk with God is stronger than ever & I've seen His care & love for me through the people in my life & through His Word.

I think this is enough for this entry. I'll carry on the next entry. I just wanted to get started here & to give a bit of an introduction to myself.


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