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Hello,I'm Silver Tree. Obviously it's not my real name, it's a writing name that I use online in an attempt to remain consistent and easily identifiable. Not that my head is so big that I think people are searching through websites to find me. Anyway, I'm fairly new to blogging but I do have a wordpress page: www.darksilvertree.wordpress.com I try to post mainly about Wicca,but there are examples of poetry and other writings. I can try to explain what Wicca is,but keep in mind that I'm 21 and I've only been practicing 9 years, I do not consider myself an expert. And I want to mention, my religion is not why I don't use my name online.

How can I become a Wiccan?   I was introduced to Wicca at 13 and from there I went online to research the different traditions. I asked around online to see what experiences people had and I took time to see if I wanted to dedicate myself to any religion. I waited the traditional year and a day, even though I was solitary (still am) and didn't have to. Before this I'd had very little interest in religion and I was raised in a nonreligious household. There are some people who say you can only be a witch if an initiated witch makes you one, but don't let them pressure you out of this personal decision. If you're lucky enough to have a Wiccan/pagan community in your town that would be the best place to go. If they hold public rituals, even better. If you're a minor you may have to check state laws to make sure that you won't get anyone in trouble for teaching a religion without your parents' permission.

Where can I get more information about becoming a Wiccan?  

www.witchvox.com is a pretty good place to start. A lot of the articles are old but still really good if you need a starting place. This site was helpful when I first became Wiccan and I'll still check it out every now and then. Also, your local library may be of some help so don't assume what they may or may not have. I found some pretty good books at the library near me. Every book won't be great though. It's kinda like a blessing in disguise.

How do I know what to trust?   It was pretty hard for me to decide what was trustworthy or not. The way I gauge this is by letting a book sit a few weeks/months (or re-checking them out) before coming back to it. By that time I might have found out new information, which puts things in a completely different perspective. It really comes down to what sits right with you.

Is being a Witch expensive?    No. A lot of books will mention an athame(dull bladed knife, though I've heard of it being sharpened), a bolline, a wand, a cauldron, mort and pestle, etc. But to me you won't suffer without any of these. An athame and a wand is essentially the same thing, and a wand you can get out of your backyard or at the park. Instruments used to point or direct energy during a ritual and can be replaced by your finger. Free and you're always carrying it around. A bolline is a knife used to harvest herbs, not doing that? You don't need it. Same goes for just about everything. There a videos on youtube about how to shop on a budget, tips include going to thrift/dollar stores. The more money you spend does not make the tool more effective.

Where can I shop for Wiccan stuff?

 Personally, this is where I've gotten my stuff. http://www.crystalconnectiononline.com/

(unfortunately the physical store is no longer open)


I would also suggest looking for books on amazon or barnes & nobles' website.

Do I need to have an altar? I didn't have one until this year. I had a small space where I could move without tripping over anything and that is a challenge. And a pillow to sit on. Occasionally I'd have candles or incense,but that's it.

 What is the difference between Wiccan and Witch?   The simplest way to explain this is Wicca is a religion but witchcraft isn't. You'd really have to ask a Wiccan if they consider themselves a witch ( I don't) or if a witch considers themselves a Wiccan. And you'd probably get a different answer each time.

Can I be Wiccan if I live in a city?   I am, there are some Wiccans who aren't all 'let's go camping every weekend'.  The Urban Primitive: Paganism in the Concrete Jungle by Raven Kaldera is a book that I've seen mentioned a lot when this subject comes up. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. While Wicca is about connecting with earth there is nothing wrong with enjoying a day in AC.

Can men be Wiccan? Yes, I don't know how this idea of all things is still so prevalent. I've even heard a witch/Wiccan is female and a warlock/wizard is male. This is just one of those things I think destroys credibility honestly.

What is the role of the God in Wicca?  Is it all about the Goddess? The God and Goddess are dual aspects. Neither is more important that the other. The God is generally thought of the Goddess's consort, but I think it's easier to explain if you look at different god/ goddess matchups. Zeus and Hera, Odin and Freya, Cernunnos and Bridget/Morrigan, etc. In mythology one may be more important to the story but they never exist alone.

 Should I tell people I'm a Witch?   I do but I don't have anything to lose so it's easier for me. I understand people's safety,job,custody of their children, home ownership, and who knows what else can be put in jeopardy by choosing a religion with so many misconceptions surrounding it.


I got the questions from this website: http://www.wicca-spirituality.com/wicca-faqs.html There are plenty of other questions they answered I didn't really want to touch. I wouldn't use any website as your only resource( if you're interested) but I think it's a reasonable site. Sorry I kinda went on and on, but I wanted to get that out of the way. I look forward to my time on Blogher.


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