Let the Decorating Begin

7 years ago

It wasn't until recently that I became interested in decorating. When I was living with my sisters throughout my late teens to mid-twenties, doing anything with my apartment other than the bare minimum wasn't something that ever crossed my mind. As long as I had furniture that looked all right, a TV and computer, something on the walls...I was good to go.

Things have changed since then. I'm much more interested in how things are put together. All the options we have. Colors, fabrics, furniture, lighting.

Of course, that's all it is right now -- an interest. I'm not trying to come off as somebody with, you know, style, because then you might come to my place (or you might see photos, if I'm ever brave enough to take and post any) and think to yourself, "Who does this crazy girl think she is?"

That's the great thing about decorating, it's completely subjective. If you love something, there's a good chance I won't. Or even if I think it's okay, or interesting, it may not be something I'd ever consider putting in my home. All I know is that I've discovered I really enjoy looking at pictures of other people's homes and I use that information to inform me about what I might want to do in my own place.

I've been in my apartment for almost a month, which means I've been able to go from contemplating how I'd like to do things to actually implementing those ideas. I'm happy with my sofa and large matching armchair (bought from Craigslist for a good price). I have a 42" flat screen TV that I bought from a friend after he upgraded to a larger size. (I needed a new TV because I was tired of my huge, 11-year-old, 25" inch model, but if I had bought something brand new I probably wouldn't have splurged for the 42". It looks just fine in my space, though.)

The TV is currently sitting on the floor because the TV stand I bought, although it's been delivered, is still downstairs in my building's package-storage area. It's real wood, but it was delivered in a flat box and needs to be assembled. The box is long and heavy, so I can't transport it by myself. However, one of my guy friends has volunteered to come over, help me bring it upstairs, and assemble it, so I plan to take him up on his kind offer in the next few days.

My biggest issue right now is that there's nothing on my walls. I have one really cool print that I bought from my photographer-cousin, but I need to take it to a store that sells frames so I can buy one before I hang it up. I've looked for frames online, but I think I'd be better off looking at them in person so I can choose which color and type of frame goes best with this particular photograph.

I also purchased a bookcase. I like that it's on wheels. And yesterday I bought a really cute key holder to put on the wall next to my front door and another print to hang up, both from Etsy.

I guess what I want is what a lot of other people want: a place that's a haven for me, and a place where other people feel comfortable as well. I'm not quite there yet but I'm enjoying the journey.

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