Lessons Learned from Starting a Second Blog

6 years ago

Some things just fail.

That’s what most people don’t share. I failed at maintaining a second blog, Beauty Shy, which now forwards to Those Graces. Beauty Shy was supposed to be a place to share my everyday musings about makeup to help others feel more comfortable with makeup. I came to a realization: I wasn’t a beauty blogger. I am a blogger who shares about my life, which happens to include an unnatural love of eyeshadow palettes and blush.

I wanted to share the lessons I learned from starting a second blog.

  • Reading a genre of blog does not mean I like writing about that genre. I love beauty blogs. I love looking at swatches and reading reviews. However, I did not like maintaining a blog on products. Taking photos of swatches is hard. No one tells you the right lighting is or the perfect f-stop to take a photo of a tiny patch of lipstick on the back of the hand. There’s no manual for this. Doing it right takes a lot of time.
  • Unless I’m spending five hours a day blogging, the quality of one blog will suffer. It’s very hard to do two blogs well at the same time. I was frustrated I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to both blogs, and at times, I even forgot that I had a second blog. I spend hours on my layouts to make everything just so. This level of detail was hard to put into both blogs.
  • When starting a second blog, post for a month without telling anyone. I put months into thinking about starting a second blog. However, this did not foreshadow the amount of time it would take to maintain two blogs. When thinking about starting a second blog, do it without the fanfare for at least a month. If it can’t be maintained for a month, then let the idea drop.
  • Just because I failed doesn’t mean I have to give up. Sure, I didn’t have enough momentum to maintain a whole blog on beauty and makeup. However, I don’t plan on giving up on writing about these topics. Instead of feeling like a failure, I’ll recoup and move forward.

That being said, I will be reincorporating product reviews, tutorials and informational articles on makeup back into thisblog. I also plan on making more YouTube videos focusing on beauty. I still love makeup, but what I learned was I didn’t love makeup enough to warrant a second well-written blog.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What did you do? Any advice for me moving forward?


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