Learning to Wait

4 years ago

I'm a late twenty-something and fall under the Generation Y (millennial) category, so I’m used to things happening fairly quickly. We've also been deemed the microwave generation for having things done fast. I like to think that I’m a patient person, but I stumble at times, and find myself wanting things to happen faster than they tend to.

I've recently found myself becoming frustrated at the somewhat stagnant parts of my life. You see, my honey and I have been together for 8 years now. We've been in Atlanta for one year, and have been working towards marriage and “normalcy” since graduating college almost four years ago. When I say normalcy I mean stable jobs with wages that allow for purchasing a home being not relying on one vehicle. The state of the economy and a few setbacks has slowed "my plans" significantly.  I've become discouraged and distressed time and time again. For a period of time I thought, "We did everything the way we were supposed to, and we are still behind." Many times I’ve allowed these negative thoughts to overshadow the good parts and the progression that we have made.

After attending a women's event at church last night, I feel rejuvenated and ready to WAIT for what God has in store for me, and for us as a couple. The topic was about waiting and resting in the Lord. I heard the experiences of four women and their stories of trials and triumphs. I understand that we all have a destiny and God has a plan specifically tailored for us. When we are going through our period(s) of WAITING we must remain still, yet strengthened and at peace; knowing that his will for us will come to be. Your trust and peace in HIM will allow you to wait patiently and not be overwhelmed with stress, worry, and discouragement.

I'd like to quote a phrase from Contemporary Gospel artists Mary Mary: "Champions NEVER accept defeat, they fall and get back on their feet, cause they know, like I know, that if you want to grow, it take a little bit of dirt"

We have to get a little bit of dirt on us to grow and progress in our lives.


 ~Caramel Rell~

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