Laying Down Idols Like An 80's Legwarmer

3 years ago


me, as a teenager around 1986

Even though I considered myself a punk rocker in those days, I still grew up on Tootie in the "Facts of Life," "The Cosby Show," "Square Pegs," and was highly, fanatical over the "Lost Boys."

Being a true punker meant listening to non-commercial music like the band I watched when slipping into a Dallas club with a mohawked friend. I didn't particular care for the mosh pit or the screeching songs. I found the people more interesting than the music. Besides, I was a "poser" because I liked "Yaz", "Dead or Alive", "Depeche Mode", "Tears for Fears", and "Howard Jones." I was more of the "new wave" group than punk. Walking the line to one genre didn't fit me. So whatever I secretly liked was kept hidden from the hard-core types. 
I had short spiked hair as an eclectic 80's girl who didn't care much for being pigeon-holed. I fancied "Purple Rain" and "Sixteen Candles." My rose-patterned, tie-dyed jeans were mostly tapered to my leg with black ankle boots and a camouflage jacket with one large dangling earring {just ONE, on purpose}. The day I wore all pink might have had something to do with "Pretty in Pink." But then there were days of dressing in all black, with not a stitch of color, before it was considered gothic. One girl asked me, "Are you going to a funeral?" Maybe I was, I didn't know. I never thought of it that way. 
Back then, I didn't want to be a "Jesse's Girl" or "Jack and Diane", 'though my name was changed to Diane for a good many years of my life {after adopting my middle name}. I didn't want to be a "Maneater" or do the "Mickey" or wear parachute pants. And so what if I veered off into the "Rapture" by Blondie or "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac, and watched "Loveboat" or "Fantasy Island"? And maybe I considered cassette tapes the hippest thing since 8-tracks, Barry Manilow, or Neil Diamond? But those weren't things I would necessarily say outloud.  
Fitting into a group was hard. There were hidden, and not so hidden, standards for being "one of them." You may leave High School but sometimes it still preys on you. The need for approval from a certain group can still creep back in like your 80's hair. There's no two "Diff'rent Strokes" about it, you may still feel like a "poser" among peers, keeping your likes and dislikes to yourself, because well, the group and approval. You want them both. And let me say in my Robert Palmer swag: we can be "Addicted to Love" in the worst way. But get this part loud and clear: you are pre-approved so tell your love idol {aka, approval addiction} to just “Beat it.”
{Courtesy of the 80's. You're welcome.}
Join us as Jennifer Lee starts a Love Idol revolution.
To keep this 80's Love Idol train going, click on this sista's Glamour Shot of Amy Breitmann, because we are laying down our approval for Aquanet {or men and women} to know we are pre-approved.
On a more serious note, Love Idols are seriously damaging to us and Jennifer Dukes Lee is talking about it in her new book.
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