Laura Ingraham Calls Meghan McCain Fat, Those Who Did the Same to Limbaugh Cry "Foul!"

8 years ago

Liberals are enjoying this inter-party cat fight just as much as conservatives enjoyed the Jon Stewart-Jim Cramer cannibalization. Meghan McCain has spent the better part of the past two weeks promoting her column at The Daily Beast and jockeying for the role as GOP Jesus. She personally attacked Ann Coulter as a way to grab the headlines and pull herself up to some aspect of fledgling relevancy and then feigned shock when Laura Ingraham, conservative talk show host with Fox Radio (whose show airs after my stint in the a.m.) attacked back.

Ingraham mocked McCain with a Valley-girl voice (of which I and others have also done) but went a step further when she made McCain's weight an issue by calling her a "plus-sized model." Sigh. Until this point, making fun of people's weight was a tactic employed exclusively by the Democrats who invoked this tactic with Rush Limbaugh, the Palin family, the Bush twins, Cindy McCain, etc. Why Ingraham felt the need to copy this tactic is beyond me. It of course, prompted McCain to beat a dead horse by way of umpteen-frillion Twitter updates saying things like "love my curvy girls!" and "I love my curves!" She went on "The View" and, as an homage to Tyra Banks's swimsuit tell-off, told Ingraham to "kiss my fat ass."

So what could have been an interesting political discourse about how the GOP doesn't have an identity problem, it has a moderate problem, was instead hijacked by two women who apparently have the emotional I.Q. of a Bratz doll. What next, are they going to slap-fight in a Waffle House parking lot? I was left completely unimpressed and I'm not the only one.

Ingraham's made some smart commentary before, I was genuinely disappointed that she chose this route because I can think of a million different things over which to criticize Meghan McCain unrelated to her being "plus-sized," which, sorry, she's not. (Besides, Cassy Fiano has a lead on some science which says that in hard economic times, the men love the curvier ladies.)

Says Little Miss Attila:

Well, Laura: the fact that liberal Democrats reduce women to their looks (and sometimes their genitals) doesn’t justify it. And the fact that lefties slam Rush Limbaugh for his weight or his pill addiction doesn’t justify it, either.

Last week I wrote about how Meghan McCain chose to attack Ann Coulter and use Coulter as a scapegoat for why she, McCain, would not commit to, nor recognize that the GOP was built upon, conservatism. Meghan McCain is trying to peddle the snake oil idea that conservatism has a shelf life and that only old people like it. Old people and hateful cougars like Coulter. Being that I'm just several years older than McCain, I beg to differ.

Conservatism, to put it simply, is. Ideals like life, liberty, small government, and self-reliance don't go out of style; it's an incredibly weak argument Miss McCain is presenting. Her using Ann Coulter to stereotype conservatism is like using Bill Mahr as the icon of liberalism.

Sadly, in Miss McCain's quest for moderate superstardom, the possibility that she's being used has escaped her attention. Democrats are using her as an example of what happens when you try to get mavericky within the party; the true example is Sarah Palin, who was shut down by ye ol' Republican patriarchy who feared she had a bigger set of brass then they. She won't be adored as Megan McCain is because Palin is an actual conservative whereas Miss McCain is not.

Had McCain the balls to deny conservatism whole-hog and identify herself as a moderate Democrat she wouldn't have a chance in the spotlight. She's following the Bill O'Reilly formula wherein you pay a penance by taking a crack at your own party before being allowed to criticize the opposition. I wrote last week:

She’s attempting to kill two birds with one stone: she’s getting even with those who criticized John McCain during the election by nipping at detractors and she’s trying to buy legitimacy the Bill O’Reilly way - by attacking the party that made her father. If it makes her sleep better at night to prostitute her soul in exchange for liberal adulation and a false sense of relevancy, more power to her. She is, after all, Daddy’s girl.

The only problem I have with Meghan McCain is her insistence that in order to reach the youth the GOP needs to refine its platform. She maintains that people like Coulter turn her off from the GOP - no, what turns Meghan McCain off from the GOP is the conservatism within it. If you don't identify with the principles of conservatism you will feel feel as though they do not apply to you. Coulter is irrelevant in this issue; the reason I'm not a member of the Republican party is because those running it the past eight years had Meghan McCain's way of thinking. That many Republicans stayed home last election, that McCain didn't get a bounce in the polls until he tacked an actual conservative onto his ticket, all of this shreds Meghan McCain's assertion. McCain's thinking is what turns people like me AWAY from the Republican party because - and I've said this repeatedly: whenever, WHENEVER you mush, mold, and reshape conservatism into an unrecognizable moderate entity it fails at the polls. Every single time.

Meghan McCain is getting flak not because she's criticizing the party, which I and others have done; she's receiving criticism because she's demanding that the GOP abandon the conservative ideals upon which the Republican party is based, ideals which comprise their platform. It's akin to Joe Leiberman busting up in the DNC and saying that the Democratic party needs to become more conservative.

The idea of Meghan McCain as a pundit is a 15-minute novelty. She has a job because her last name is McCain, not because her skill at policy analysis merits it; she's on a media blitz because she realized that starting by personally attacking someone as polarizing as Coulter would draw the cameras towards her; that she is considered an authentic representation of the Republican party is laughable at best as she is exactly as her father is - a man every single Republican of my acquaintance (senators, representatives, strategists, et al.) despised for his habit of betraying his principle for popularity. It begs the question if Miss McCain would be a media darling had she identified herself as a conservative and her beef within the Republican party was with the few wanting to move it off its base. I say no. But it's fun to play What If.

(P.S. You have to laugh at the title. I did!)

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