Kraken Dreams Up A List

5 years ago

Kraken’s Kettle List

I’m a sucker for bucket lists. I like gazing into someone’s thoughts, values and desires. It's intriguing reading between the lines and teasing out a deeper meaning. I’ve never attempted to record mine. When asked, I will rattle off what comes to me and quickly forget them. I think it’s time to commit my dreams to cyber space and see what the universe sends my way.

Places I Want to See

I want to go to the Old City in Jerusalem; hear the Muezzins call to prayer; see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock, and the Western Wall. I want to pray for peace in the place all three major religions, consider sacred.

I want to see the fjords of Iceland, Scandinavia, Canada's Maritime Provinces.

I want to see the Hebrides Islands.

I want drive across the American prairie and meet a farming family.

I want to go to Alaska.

I want to see Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

I want to go to the National Museum of Iraqi and gaze upon Mesopotamian art.

I want to go to Monticello.

I want to go Minoan Crete.

I want to live in an English village.


Things I Want to Do

I want to complete my college degree. I’m ashamed that I didn’t finish.

I want to publish a book.

I want to work on an organic farm.

I want to become a good photographer.

Learn to flyfish.

I want to watch a case be argued in the Supreme Court.

I want to convince a celebrity that America’s forgotten small cities are just as important of cause as Africa or Haiti. Try living in Waterbury, Connecticut or Hartford, no easy task.

I want to live in Pittsburgh. Why? Everyone wants to live in New York, Boston, Los Angles, Dallas, Austin or Chicago. I want to live in a city that has risen from the ashes of obsolesce and transformed itself. I’m partial to cities with soul and grit.

I want to spend a year learning to cook in Italy. I will start in the North and work my south to Sicily.

I want to learn another language

Things I Want to Do With My Children

I want to go to France with my middle daughter

I want to explore Italy and Greece with my oldest daughter

I want to see my son play drums in a band because he’s a natural

I want to witness the birth of my grandchildren, hold them on my hip, and be a part of their lives.

I want to send my children on a grand tour of America


People I Want to Have a Conversation With

I want to have a conversation with the Dragon Lady--the most intimidating woman I know--and show her, I’m not a peon. I want to ask her; how does she pull off looking comfortable swigging beers with salty truckers and sipping scotch with the glamorous crowd. How did she learn to embody the phrase, suffers no fools. Ask her, how many facelifts she’s had?

I want to have a conversation with Bono and find out if he’s full of shit.

Ask the writer Marian Keyes why she’s depressed?

Ask a cancer research scientist why don’t they give up?

Ask a delta bluesmen if he’s really blue?


What’s on your kettle list?

PS Thank you UnfetteredBS for the idea and the title! You are a goddess!

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