Kids Online: Balancing Saftey and Fun, CONFERENCE Oct 12 in SF.

8 years ago
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UPDATE: Prices are reduced 2/$50 and 1/$35 and you can register on site.
Also Kate Kotler has this great article on BitchBuzz about the issues and the conference

Are you a parent concerned about your kids being online? This event is for you! It is an opportunity to meet with fellow parents & community managers and others who create safe spaces for kids online to dialogue about critical issues.

Kids Online: Balancing Safety and Fun

October 12th (Columbus Day) 10am-5pm
San Francisco at the West Bay Conference Center in the Filmore

This conference will bring together online community managers, website platforms, web designers, along with parents and kids to discuss the full range of issues about kids being online.

What is unique about this event is that it is NOT your normal conference. All the people who attend get to co-create the agenda the day of the event. This is a really amazing innovation in how people meet together and ensures a productive engaging day for all.

Some of the issues that we expect will be addressed are:

  • How do we teach kids to be safe online?
  • What are the real dangers? are concerns about they internet being hyped out of proportion?
  • Are there standards and norms in practice that we can leverage to formalize best practices for industry?
  • Kids fake their ages to gain access to online content. Do we as an industry care? If so, then?
  • How do we create best practices that are flexible based on age range, content and willingness for parental involvement by industry or the child?
  • How can we create cyberspaces that balance interesting and fun with safety?
  • What is the role of government, if any, in either defining or supporting best practices?
  • How is Hannah and Miley's spilt personality affecting you personally?


At the last event we dove into the issue and articulated what we were protecting kids from online. We grouped the answers to this question into several groups.

  • Others - sexual preditors, bullies that are peers, peer-to-peer sexual solicitation
  • Age Inappropriate Content - Porn, Violent Images/video, Hate language
  • Themselves - Self disclosure, Introversion, Negative Self Image
  • Sketchitude of Websites - Deception, Credit Informationfor Identity theft, Marketing to Kids
  • Disinhibition because body language not seen

We also generated an extensive list of Technologies for Safety  along with an extensive list of the tactics of Fun you can find here.

All attendees when the register will be invited to share the topics they want to discuss. The morning of the event an agenda will be made live.

Kaliya Hamlin who is facilitating the event worked with BlogHer to do unconference days following three of the BlogHer conferences. Her work facilitating and producing high quality interactive days is well known in the tech industry.