Kids are much cuter after they've gone to bed

6 years ago

I really hate to admit this...but sometimes I dread it when I have to go pick the kids up at school. Bad huh? It's not that I don't miss them. I worry about them when they are not home. I even worry about them when David takes them to go run errands and stuff. I feel like I need to go with him to help protect them. Which is weird because he is extremely capable of taking care of our brood. It's just the lack of control I have when they are not with me. And so I worry. When I'm supposed to be enjoying some quiet time alone and maybe digging into a bag of cookies, or curling up and watching a recorded TV show that otherwise would never get watched, I have this anxiety level pressing on my chest. Then when I hear the door chime and realize they are home I feel relief that they are back, safe, and with me. Oh and David too...I should say I'm glad he is home too right?( He reads my blog.)

OK - this is not fair, excuse the interruption...but I am sitting here eating a piece of chocolate pie and I cannot taste it! What the heck?!  Such a disappointment. A little worrisome too because I don't have cold or anything. But I am still eating it and I really should throw it away. It's a cruel joke to eat something loaded with calories that at 10:45 PM  is only going  to head straight to my hips. All this and I won't even remember eating it. It just tastes like a cold sponge. Hold on...just two more bites.... OK it's gone.

But back to the kids. They argue all the time. Because there are three of them (not including Olivia...because she is a robot, or a stepford child, or something perfect) they are always arguing. They start right from the moment their toes step into the car, before they even buckle up the seat belts. Someone gets in the car first when the other one wanted to be the first in.... or someone says they just saw a firetruck but another one says "No you didn't". Then it is "YES I DID!!" No you didn't"  "YES I DID!!!! MOM!!!!!!"

This goes on the whole way back from school. It usually ends up with me warning them about a time out for arguing...or a time out for laughing at someone who is mad ( Luke), or just a fed up 'THAT"S IT! EVERYONE IS IN TIME OUT WHEN WE GET HOME!" ( Except you R2-D2).

Today 2 out of the 3 were in the time out corners as soon as we walked in the door.  So much stress so little time.

I didn't give birth to triplets....I gave birth to Tasmanian devils ( not you, Tweety Bird).  It HAS to be something related to the fact they are all the same age, with the same maturity level. It HAS to be it. This is not my "first rodeo" either. I've had two kids before but they are grown now. But there was a three year age difference between them. And I never experienced any of the drama I experience this time around.

So we go through the normal evening routine... they get in bed - I give kisses and hugs and go from bed to bed, talking about their day (while the one in the other bed starts talking over us, which makes the one in the first bed get mad...then the one in that second bed thinks it's funny...which makes the first one get mad...and another argument starts to surface. Are you with me? I've confused myself and I'm the one telling the story. Oh well, point is...after they are sleeping I can relax and breathe. I can then sort through all the paper work they've done at school.

And I can see these.

And then as I curl up in bed and close my eyes, my thoughts are then "They are so cute, precious, and sweet natured. I think I'm gonna make them waffles for breakfast!

Then they wake up the next morning and argue about socks....

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