Keys to my innermost self...

6 years ago

I never realized what you can tell about a person by looking at their keys. You can totally freak someone out, like you're a fortune teller or psychic or something, simply by carefully checking out their keys.


From mine, you can tell I do a lot of grocery shopping, I like B-iLo and use bonus points to get a gasoline discount at Spinx.  You can also tell where I work, the county where I live, that I utilize the public library (therefore, I probably like books), and that I have a kid in elementary school.  Publix Partners support public schools.  Only elementary school parents bother with PTA. By the time kids have reached middle school and high school, it's only the die-hards that keep the donations coming in.

You might also discern that I like the ocean, the beach, the Carribbean and snorkling or scuba diving. You could guess that I like to travel and have been to St. Thomas fairly recently.  You could also tell that I have a PO Box, a house, a car and I'm trustworthy since they let me have a "master key" at work.  I'm a real catch. (Derek can corroborate that!)   Plus, I don't use one of those hook things to connect my keys to my belt loop; therefore I'm way cool.

It's like putting your kid's name on his backback, your name on your mailbox, or wearing a t-shirt with your name across the back (a/k/a SAIL swim team t-shirts from the old days.)  Do you really want total strangers to know your kid's name, or yours? An observant person can glean a lot from the things you wear, carry on you, leave laying around on your office desk or living room coffee table.  Heaven forbid a crook ever gets hold of your phone. I'd be totally screwed!

Anyway, I heard the song, Fortune Teller, by Robert Plant on my ipod this morning, and got to thinking, did the Fortune Teller really fortell that the guy would fall in love with her, or did his keys give him away?




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