Katie Gives Back

5 years ago
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As you know, I haven’t had an easy time lately. In fact, it has been downright difficult.  But, despite all that, some days I really love being me….


And you know what?  Today, well actually yesterday, is one of those days….


Excited isn’t a strong enough word to express how I felt when a producer of the Katie Couric show contacted me about being the guest blogger for an episode related to Hurricane Sandy.   I didn’t know much, but I jumped at the opportunity and headed to ABC studios yesterday for taping.


A scheduling change pushed taping back from the early morning to the late afternoon.  Since I wasn’t aware of this before I got to the city, I ended up spending the day in the ABC green room.


You can’t tell by the picture, but yes, the green room really is green.


Since I had hours to wait before my episode, I was able to experience things I probably wouldn’t have.  I got to watch the taping (not in the studio but on a closed circuit tv) of the episode that aired yesterday which was about the children who lost their lives at Sandy Hook elementary school.  If you didn’t see it, it was a heart wrenching show and Katie was amazing.  Also, since I was in the green room, I watched some behind the scene tapping – the family of a girl who was killed in Columbine and an inspirational message from a member of clergy.


Oh yeah… I also got to have lunch with the producer too!  It was fascinating to learn how she ended up working with Katie!

hilary and brittnay

Around four, the producer said to me, “Come on, we are going to start taping soon…” and that is when the fun really started.    She walked me around the building and into the studio, where there was a chair in the first row reserved for me.   I sat down with my laptop…..



I watched as the room filled with audience members. The lights were bright.  Music was playing.  Big smiles were on everyone’s face.  The happy atmosphere was contagious.


And a happy atmosphere was just what these women needed.  Like me, every single one of them was a victim of Hurricane Sandy.  Every one of them spent the last two months struggling and lost so much due to the storm.  These ladies needed a good smile and they hoped Katie was going to deliver…. They didn’t have a clue that she was going to not only bring a smile to their face but make their holiday season as well.


Before Katie took the stage a comedian came out.   He had the audience in stiches!


And then came out Katie!  She is even more beautiful in real life than on television.  She is smart and funny, truly an amazing lady.


I sort of missed the very beginning of the show – leave it to me – my laptop lost the internet right as taping began (what kind of blogger am I?) I had to text the producer for help….



I don’t think anyone in the audience expected the show to play out the way it did. I know I sure didn’t.  I thought the show was going to be about “inspiring hurricane sandy stories”. I expected Katie to interview people who were hit hard by the storm.


With the exception of eight children from the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken – who thanks to the generosity of Lowes and Katie – had their club rebuild, there were no interviews done.  Instead, Katie “GAVE BACK” to the women who lost so much in the storm.  And when I say Katie gave back, I am not kidding.  Seriously, she made the holiday for every single woman in the room!


No one in the audience was able to believe what Katie was doing.  The gasps and screams of excitement were surreal as Katie kept announcing what she was sending the women home with.  At every commercial break, everyone thought Katie’s generosity was over… but each time was wrong.  She just kept giving back! And the items Katie selected were amazing…. I am still blown away!


(I would tell you what we got but that isn’t fun… you need to watch the show!) – which will air Wednesday December 19, 2012


When the show ended, the producer came back to my seat and brought me on the stage where I got to meet Katie, and have a picture taken with her.  Katie is just as sweet in person as she is in front of the camera….


After our picture was taken, I thanked Katie, not only for an amazing opportunity, but also for her generosity, and when I say generosity – trust me – I mean it!

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