Just a typical day in NYC...

3 years ago

The pleasantly annoying sound my iPhone makes when the clock strikes 6:00 AM… I don’t even raise my head, I just reach under my pillow and press one of the side buttons to snooze it (which is creatively set 45 minutes before I REALLY have to get up) – not sure if it’s a positive or negative thing that the phone is under the pillow, provides easier access to check the weather as soon as I awake.

Who am I kidding?? Yes! I check Instagram and Facebook early in the morning sometime.

After my wife repeatedly walks around the house screaming, ” GET UP LAZY BUTT” for about 1/2 hour, I finally spring out of bed. Why in the hell is she up so damn early anyway?? She CONVENIENTLY and COMFORTABLY drives to work EVERYDAY. I am in no rush to be squished, fondled, sexually harassed for services and cash on the MTA.

No honey. I am not here for any of it but what other choice to do I have? A $12 a day, hour and a half express bus ride? I’m not about that shit either.

She’s dressed already, watching NY1, shaking her head at the CONSTANT unfortunate news by the time I’m up. Finally, she kisses me, smacks my ass, grabs the garbage and head out.

Thank GAWD her early, spring chicken ass is gone! She’s too serious in the morning for me especially given the fact I no longer drink coffee – long story and I currently don’t have the strength to elaborate on it.

As I leisurely dress myself, I look around at the mess we made the night before and EVERY morning…telling myself I have to clean when I get back home. Ugh.

I’m outside and connected to the cool breeze…nothing can break my stride as Justin Timberlake’s “Take Back the Night” plays in my ears..

I’m walking…walking…ooh! Watch the dog shit…and the dead bird…and that diaper….more dog shit…that tree branch….and more shit…

Now I’m on the platform walking to my usual car noticing there’s a lot of people on the train already.

This is odd.

I find my car, walk in to find my usual seat taken.


So…I walk to the other end and force myself to sit in between two people (every Black person hates doing that btw…and yes, I said it).

Oh but wait! There’s an announcement:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, there’s no A train service at this time. Please take the 1 train for downtown service.”


After fighting for freedom, standing up for civil rights, almost losing a limb and crawling to the mountain top, I’m finally able to fit on the downtown 1 train.

My toes are stepping on, I watched two elderly, Hispanic women throw down over a seat, a white woman slaps a white guy for elbowing her in the back, a few children pass gas and countless arguments ensue.

It’s only 8:00 AM.

When I’m finally able to see where I am, the sign says 42 ST-TIMES SQUARE. There’s the 2 express train across the platform. Do I make a run for it??

Hell no.

I rode the local train all the way to my stop – 14th Street.

Finally!! Fresh air!

Walked one block and saw a familiar face…there’s no time talk homey…I’m already late so I cut down another block to avoid conversation.

I know it’s fucked up but time is money…and he clearly doesn’t have any.

Made the mad dash to the breakfast spot AND overindulged because I know I’m not eating lunch until 3. Breakfast is the most important meal anyway…right??

Now…I’m at work…doing what I do…until it’s time to take the ride back uptown…and experience the idiosyncrasies of MTA again.

On a side note, my shoes look fabulous!


Love & Light,


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