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4 years ago

Romans 8:28 - "God Works All Things Together. And we know God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them."  (nlt). 


The other day my wonderful teenage daughter came home from school and asked me to describe myself and my most important role in this world in one word. 

Oh.My.Goodness.  Now there's a request.  Just how exactly am I supposed to squish everything I do, everything that I am, everything that God has in store for me into one stinking word? The truth is, I am a lot of things.   Child. Wife. Mother. Grandmother (at the ripe old age of 36).  Those are just the easy peesy personal ones that could be subdivided into 101 other roles.  Once we move outside the home and head to work it becomes an even bigger mess! 

Now, her question really had nothing to do with me examining my place in God's kingdom.  On the contrary she was just trying to share with me a fact that she'd learned in school that day.  According to her teacher, women have a tendancy to categorize their roles in terms of their families and men tend to gravitate towards their profession.  

In true me fashion I was once again completely overthinking the whole thing and by the time I was done I had landed at about 15 dozen answers.  As you can imagine, having that many answers is more than just a little overwhelming.  Acknowledgment of my roles comes with a myriad of responsibilities and tasks and as the list grew so did my anxiety...and then my to do list...and then my mental calendar...and then a craving for chocolate, which I gave up for Lent so then I had to pray about it because that's the Lenten Christian thing to do. 

When I pray I find it helpful to center myself by naming of the attributes, or roles, of God.  Comforter.  Protector. Counselor. Creator.  By name number 6 I was beginning to realize that in reality God has far, far, far more roles than I ever will.  Somehow He manages it and while he may be omnipotent and all powerful and all of those other things, He doesn't do it alone.  Instead He gives us places and people that can fill a few of His roles in our lives. 

I know, I know.  I went rogue there for a moment, but bear with me...

One of the names of the Lord that I call on often is Comforter.  While I feel a peace in my soul after my times with the Lord, when I just need a good cry I walk next door to my mother's and I let her comfort me.  When I've had a bad day at work and the kids are driving me crazy my husband steps in and wraps me up in a big hug, comforting me.  When When I'm having problems with my M.S. and words aren't coming out of my mouth in the right order my 17 year old sits quietly as I struggle to tell her just how frustrating it is, just listening and comforting me.  I've asked the Lord for His comfort and He's very cleverly given me someone who wants to help.  So you see, the Lord is my comfort, but He doesn't work alone.

Romans 8:28 tells us that "God Works All Things Together. And we know God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them."  (nlt). 

God is working all things together in my life.  He has caused my family, friends and support system together just how I need them.  He has given me my comfort, my encouragement, my strength, my help, my everything in the people He has placed around me.  What a blessing!

Who has he placed into your life?

For those of you that are curious, after much thought and agonizing overthinking I finally found the one word that describes all of my roles quite throughly: CHAOS.  I am chaos, but I have the Lord on my side dropping little bread crumbs back to my sanity. 




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