Just Do It

6 years ago

How easy is it....

Thinking about doing what is you are supposed to be doing is harder than doing what it is you are thinking about doing.  Confused?  Let me break it down for you.

Example of a something you are not doing:

  • Breaking up with a dead beat lover
  • Finishing something (in my case it was my first novel, stepping on the bathroom scale, saying good bye)
  • Acceptance ( of yourself, of the life you chose to live, of some thing that falls short or outside of your expectations

(Mine are emotional, introspective types of examples with consequence, which may or may not apply to everybody.  In my case, I am rendered immobile not by the task itself, but rather the 'how to do it or what comes after.  )

Impact of not doing what it is you are only thinking about doing:

  • Difficultly falling asleep, or worse, waking at the dreaded 3:00 AM hour haunted by the ghosts of your consciousness and listening to your heartbeat reverberating louder and louder until you feel like you're in a Hitchcock film.
  • Endless what if scenarios, and by endless, I mean infinity.  Time loses value.  The hours are not spent.  Rather they are wasted and filled with detailed descriptions of the steps you'll go through when and only if, you finally take action.  After all, at 3:00 AM when sleep is the last thing on your mind, what else is there to do but think about how you will do that thing that you are still thinking about doing?
  • Hefty fines, which in some cases are monetary, which can result in the loss of electricity or worse, your emotional, spiritual, or inner-self, can suffer a heartbreak.  Extreme cases include missed opportunities, wasted energy expended on a fight with the deadbeat lover, and worse still, the weight of heavy heart because you hold on for the sake it rather than saying good and letting go.  Why, I will never understand, does the human heart believe in a case too far gone to merit the label-hopeless?  Is it because it's easier than accepting the truth?  YES!!  Only we don't want to believe it.

Finally, to coin the BEST EVER marketing slogan, Just Do It (in this instance, Just DOING IT) the relief that comes from action-doing the thing you were thinking and thinking and thinking about doing.  Now there is ...

  • Time to invest or burn on new possibilities
  • Long peaceful nights that exclude cold sweats, Tylenol PM washed back with Jack Daniels, and dark shadows under your eyes come morning
  • Room in your head, heart, and soul, for MORE (more is defined as another book, lover, or the faith in your own self to get through even the darkest part of the night)


It's never easy doing the thing you are only thinking about doing, which is why you're not doing it.  The thing you are wasting time and losing sleep over is hefty, comes with its own what ifs, which, if you stop to analyze the reasons behind your lack of action, you'll reach your ah-ha moment of awareness.  In my case, taking the first step wasn't my problem, it was the middle ground (the journey) and the what happens after (failure or success) that stood me still.

What are you NOT doing that you should be doing?


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