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7 years ago
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" F U L L * L I F E   L I V I N G ,   Watson "

( They said she was supposed to die; So she didn't. )


So it's easy to deduce without a Sherlock, Watson, that she sips pinot, tastes passion and savours possibilities while pushing away pointless logics and logistics. She careens through colours, lights candles rather than cursing darknesses, (crediting Eleanor Roosevelt each time she plucks that line outta her pocket), *clinks* drink to regale moments, heats up hoopla, and percolates the masses to a stirring cheer, somewhat akin to a fresh morning's creaming to robust coffee.

You know that sensation of splash ~ Don't You? 


Lingering fingering of caresses slow, slow tracing honeysuckle scented skin, along with eyes ablaze across a crowded room on some enchanted evenings (and afternoons), spark and jolt the joie de vivre which essences her whole. To go through motions, to put up with agita, to merely be mere, to echo-nod compassion when a knowing touch to a comrade's arm or a laugh which bellies up the whole room makes all the difference of the difference is what she advo*kates in a minute . . . as a well-played Judy Garland Christmas refrain affirms,

"Never let a minute sit there on the shelf,

 for there may be in it . . . all of Time itself".

* * * * * *

~ Absolutely*Kate, fully living the more,

with Joys and Perceptions of grand femme BlogHers like you,

who simply, thus strongly read this right through


The best reason of any spirited season of Self

 is that *magic* does exist ~

 within and at unexpected edges, around any next corner, down the bend in the trail

 and ALWAYS when your laugh *zings* up your eyes

 at the exact moment you hear what tenders your heart . . .

THAT'S what sets your spirit apart.



trusts vs hopes, empowers vs copes

Well, that's why I'm wishing good*stuff, good*cheer

 into all the possibilities becoming prominence in this memorable 2011 year.


(c) Absolutely*Kate,

waxing more eloquent, AT THE BIJOU

Join us, will you? The popcorn and the people are always hot & buttery ~

AT THE BIJOU ~ Writers' Raves for Readers' Faves


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