The Joy of Bee-ing - A Joyful Exercise

4 years ago


Joyful BeeHad a tough week?

Try this exercise in joyfulness.

First take 3 deep breaths to clear away as much of that dark energy as you can. 

Now, imagine you’ve just finished an appointment. You abruptly walk to your car, through the parking lot, in a hurry because you have another meeting. Suddenly, you hear something. As you slow down, you begin to hear a buzzing noise. You stop and look around. The walkway and parking lot are empty at this moment, except for you. There’s a small garden of poppies. You notice how vibrant the colors are. They are rich hues of orange, yellow, purple and white. It was a cloudy morning, but now you notice the sun piercing through the clouds. It shines on the poppies and makes them glow. You can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your own face. The buzzing sound returns. It’s a bee. She’s trying to get your attention. You watch her as she stops on a beautiful white flower. You move closer to get a better look. She’s playing on the flower. She’s climbing around the stamen and petals, right side up, upside down, and then she rolls on her back. You can feel it, like a great  back scratch in just the right spot. Her wings open up to the soft, warm bed of pollen. The yellow stuff gets all over her hair, her tiny feet, and her wings. It looks like angel dust, as it reflects the sunlight. Her whole body glows now with gold dust, and it’s glorious! You watch for a moment -- mesmerized. She then flies away. You look for her, but you can’t find her anywhere. You walk away and try to get on with the rest of your day. But, your encounter with this bee lingers, as if something important was left unsaid.

That afternoon, you arrive home. The house is empty. You go into a bedroom to put something away. The sunlight is coming through the window casting a glowing beam on the colorful bedspread. It looks just like a poppy in the sun.

You kick off your shoes and jump on the bed. You roll around on your back, upside down, legs in the air, face down, butt in the air. You wiggle your body all over the bed glowing in the sunlight. And then you feel the golden angel dust all over your body. It’s in your hair, on your feet and arms, and on your wings.

It’s simply glorious!

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