Journey to Awesome

3 years ago

Hi. My name is DeElla, I just turned 39, am a mother of 2 boys, am a wife and dog owner and I am starting an adventure. I am quitting my job in 5 weeks and retiring from the bar and restaurant business. I have not gotten another job. I have not enrolled in school and I will not be filing someone’s paperwork. I am going to live my dream!

Great. So what? Why should anyone else care?

I suppose I am writing this blog so that I can share the ups and downs of my “Journey into Awesomeness.” I have been afraid of being an artist and a creative for most of my life. I have let my parents and my own negative self- talk rob me of greatness. I have hidden my abilities from myself, my world and from God. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

To back up a little bit I can say that this journey to live my dream is not just starting. I have been dipping my toes in the water for a long time but have let the fear stop me from going all the way. In January I opened a booth at an antiques mall that I have been selling furniture that I make, vintage pieces, restored or reimagined items and some original art. I am not lighting the world on fire there but it has been a start.

The other way that I have started this journey is by working on the inside stuff. My family and I started going to a new church in January (see some New Year’s resolutions here or what!!!) and I began a spiritual journey. Mountain Lake church has really challenging and practical messages that started to creep into my head first and then bit by bit into my heart. If you are starting to think that this blog is a bible thumping testament then you are wrong. This is a blog about following a passion and a dream but I can’t do it or write about it without God in the middle of it because I truly feel as if I am being called to create.

By April I felt totally stuck in my creative endeavors and I sought out the counsel of a therapist through my church. Through his help I have started to ask the hard questions like: “Why can’t you do what you want?” and “What are you afraid of?” and “What would happen if you failed?” and “Do you think God created you and gave you these talents so that you could feel this way?”

So here I am in July. I have made some plans and some progress in my seedling little business. Obstacles have been removed financially. My husband and I have paid off most (not quite all) of our debt and he has gotten a promotion and a raise so we can (on paper) live on his income-as long as we don’t buy clothing or eat out J The biggest progress I have made in the process so far is that I am allowing myself to dream and I am asking a higher power into the process.

That’s all for now. More to come!

Journey to Awesome

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