Is Joining a Sorority a Good Idea?

7 months ago
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If all Greek life is “Greek” to you, you’re not alone. Popular culture presents sorority life as a den of bimbos that pride themselves on looking cute while trying to hold their liquor amidst a stream of wild parties. Then you hear about philanthropy and how sororities work to improve their community, and how Greek life is serious business. So which side of the coin is accurate?
Know What You Want Out of Your Collegiate Experience
In order to determine whether or not sorority life is a good idea, you must first ask yourself what you want to get out of college. Are you there on mommy and daddy’s dollar to have fun and find yourself? Are you there to party and meet guys? Are you going to college to get a solid education? Perhaps you are there to get the degree you need for your future career, but also have fun and live it up while you’re young. If this is the case, what do you value more: partying or studying? These are important questions to ask yourself, and the following article will explain why.
Sorority Life Helps You Make More Friends and Have a Better Social Life
It’s true; sorority life opens numerous doors to meet more people both on and off campus. From participating in campus games and activities to volunteering for a charity in the community, being a sorority sister automatically places you in situations that are heavily social. Sororities also throw parties, though not like the ones as seen in the movies. Sororities have a strict code and a responsibility to represent their organization with honor, so this means any under-aged drinking, drugs, or reckless behavior can not only lead to their chapter being shut down, but getting blackballed from participating in any Greek activities. So if you want to party responsibly and make lots of friends, joining a sorority would be a smart move.


Sororities Give You a Family Away from Home

If you want to form high-quality friendships, the Greek life is ideal. Whether you are a Big Sis or a Little Sis, the bonds you form with your fellow women will be as solid as blood relations. This is apparent in multiple ways. Have you ever seen a group of sisters wearing stylish custom sorority apparel that displays their organization and name with pride? Sorority sisters literally wear their hearts on their sleeve; they show the love between one another by wearing custom Greek clothing that unites them. Also, sorority sisters help their fellow sisters in need. For example, if one member is facing a personal problem such as dealing with a sick family member back at home, or perhaps they are getting bad grades, the sorority pulls together to offer emotional and / or academic support. They are not just sisters in name, but real sisters there for one another, no matter what.

Sorority Sisters Tend to Get Better Grades

Yup, it’s true. In order to even stay in a sorority, most require their members to maintain a certain GPA. Therefore added pressure is there to help motivate more studying AND academic support is lended internally to help students reach their target grade goal. Various sororities have their own private study groups, tutoring, and other resources to help students find scholastic success.

Do Your Own Research

Go speak with past and current sorority sisters to get a good idea as to what the Greek life is all about. Then try to picture yourself in their position. If this resonates, search for the sororities that are more in line with your causes and career path. If you care about raising money for environmental issues or perhaps for cancer research, look for sororities that volunteer with organizations that support these causes. If you plan to become a lawyer, find a sorority with an edge in legal studies. At the end of the day, very few people ever express regret in joining sororities. Just be aware that finding the right one will give you the best possible experience.

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