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4 years ago

Do you ever feel like your job is taking over your life? Or keeping you from living your life? Feel like you're missing major family events, or making challenging choices when it comes to caregiving for either the young or the elderly in your family because of work commitments?

You are not alone. Nearly 75 percent of Americans now say that their work/life balance is totally out of whack “somewhat often.” And finally, the time is right for us to come together to do something about it.

Raise our voices. Share our stories of the struggles at the crossroads of work and family. Speak out in support of reasonable policies, both from state governments and from corporations, that are being developed by the best thinkers on these issues. Broadcast the good news, where positive change is happening, and drive momentum forward. Demand that America reckon with the tremendous strains being placed on ordinary families by the pace and policies of work.

At the BlogHer Annual conference last month—our 10-year "Selfiebration"—we announced a partnership with The Huffington Post and the Center for American Progress, a Washington D.C.-based think tank, to join forces and rally our respective troops to start a national conversation about the need for sustainable work/life policies in the American workplace.

We are thrilled to be working with both partners, as they bring size and muscle and knowledge to the platform we are building together—a platform we’d like to invite you to be a very important part of.

Here's how to join Make Life Work:

1) Share a story with BlogHer, whether yours or that of a friend who found him- or herself crunched in impossible ways between work and family. We're looking for stories about work/life issues of all kinds, even beyond the three core areas I outlined earlier: universal pre-K, the right to ask for flex time, and passing a paid parental leave law in every state in America. Send us a brief outline of your story at .

2) Share your story on your blog. VOICE your struggles. Interview someone you know who is struggling. Or write about any positive experiences you've had with work/life policies at your job or at the state level.

3) Learn as much as you can about the issues: We'll be posting resources and information about work/life policy and what’s happening at the state level on many issues, all information you can use and share.

4) Sign up for our Action Newsletter, where we'll share more ways you can join in—especially specific actions you can take to broadcast your support for these issues to elected officials who are facing votes or decisions on these topics.

5) Grab a badge and run it on your blog, and just let people know about the campaign, so they can join in, too. The more voices, the louder we can be. And the louder our call for the sensible, bi-partisan approved policies that are making headlines in different states, the less likely that politicians can hide behind “the mommy wars” or “welfare moms” or “entitled employees” or all the other ways they attempt to deflect attention to these issues.

Copy and paste this code for the badge above:

Copy and paste this code for the badge above:

Our goals are simple:

  • To surface a national desire for common sense policies that will change lives for millions of American families
  • To amplify the change that is already happening and to expose more people to the positive solutions that are being created
  • To move policy forward to match the incredible shifts in the makeup of our families and our workforce that have taken place in the last 50 years
  • To prove that the greatest family value is the value of time: time to take care of those you love, time to be present at the moments that matter, and time to dedicate to your health or the health of others

Resolving as many work/life conflicts as we can is a key part of creating better, stronger American families, and a better, stronger American workforce—which leads to a better, stronger America.

Will you participate?

155 million Americans go to work every day, the majority of us feeling the pull between making enough money to support our families and having enough time to tend to ourselves, our families, our lives. And critically, those Americans who make the least also have the least time to spare, and the least time to take action for fairer policies. And we're running out of time. For families who are going through this struggle right now, every minute matters.

We know what the problem is. We know what workable solutions are. It's time to take action.


BlogHer, Huffington Post and the Center for American Progress will do everything in our power to make sure your voices are heard—and answered—where it matters most.

Thank you.

Stacy Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, BlogHer

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