Do You Own Your Job or Are You Just Renting?

3 years ago

You might not know it just by looking around, but every workplace has two kinds of employees: renters and owners.

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Renters are in a job temporarily. They might be committed for a while, a one-year lease, maybe even two. But they’re not planning to put down roots and stay for the long haul. It may be a nice enough place, they may even love it … for now. Or they don’t love it, and are looking to move ASAP. Either way, renters are pretty sure they’re not going to stay where they are “forever.”

Job owners, on the other hand, are committed. They’ve found a place where they want to stay. Another company might catch their eye once in a while, but they’re invested. The company and job are good fits and just “feels right.” Owners update the job and themselves to make the fit even better, so it feels like home. They’re in a place they’d like to stay.

So, which one are you? In a job that is okay (for now), or truly invested? Do you genuinely own your job, or could you? We may all be renters at different points in our career, but it’s truly magical to find a place that feels like home. When you really own a job you’re engaged, excited about opportunities, willing to work through the tough patches, and are looking forward to the future. You plan on being part of that company’s future and want to help shape it.

Interested in taking the step from renter to owner? Here are a few tips to make the leap:

Be honest. Really think about whether you’re in a place where you want to stay for a long time. Is it a good fit for you? Are you willing to make the investment required to own this job? If not, you’ll always be a renter there; go find a job you really want to own.

Be invested in the company. This is a situation where you have to go first. Show you’re committed and engaged. Think about the company’s goals, what is best for the business, and how you can help make that happen. Go beyond the minimum, volunteer for new responsibilities and opportunities.

Invest in yourself. Companies invest in people who invest in themselves. Gain new skills, learn new things, and meet new people. As your company is growing and changing, make sure you’re keeping up. Even better, help them see what’s in their future, and start heading there now.

Some people are always renters and have no interest in owning (jobs or real estate), and that’s okay. Everyone has to do what works for them. But, if job ownership is something you want, it’s completely within your reach.

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