Jesus Did Not Come To Be Your Shield for Hate

4 years ago

This is going viral on Facebook right now:

 Which, if you are not in the mood to read it, is about Attorney General Mike DeWine and his refusal to allow a  dying gay man the right to be buried next to his spouse. The post-script says DeWine has since recanted, but will still lead the crusade against Gay Marriage. I still think the issue merits further discussion.
DeWine , a Roman Catholic, does not always toe the party line, but he is very vocal about his intent to deny gay people basic human dignity. I have a problem with Christian people who are proponents of hate. I think they are missing the boat. 
Let me break it down for you:
Gay people want basic rights, like to be able to be buried next to each other. That's way more important to just about every gay person I know than issues like taxes. My mom's been with her same-sex partner since I was four, so I have met a few gay people.  In fact, I was afforded an inside look at the gay community as a straight child. You could say I was "embedded" or "undercover" and can therefore report as a pretty reliable source.  Don't get me wrong, Gay people want equity in taxes and social security and health care, too. But first and foremost they want not to be persecuted.

 People use Christianity as an excuse to hate gay people.  I don't care if you don't like the idea of gay sex, gay marriage, gay people, believe in a gay agenda, whatever.  Go read what Jesus said about it before you use Him as a hate-shield.  If you are too lazy or busy, here's a synopsis:

1. Jesus did not ever address the "gay issue" ever, at all, not even once.  He was too busy serving the outcasts of society and preaching love.

 2. Jesus was very clear about "Love thy neighbor," Mark 12:31

 3. Jesus was very clear about "take the log out of your own eye," Mark 7:5

 4. The only anti-gay admonishments were in the Old Testament.  I will hear biblical anti-gay arguments from anyone who follows the kosher laws, but if you are going to pick and choose which verses you follow, I'm not going to give credence to that line of reasoning.


Don't hide behind Jesus.  Admit you hate gay people because they are gay.  Go look in the mirror and say, "I am prejudiced against gay people. I am a bigot."  At least be honest about it.  

 If Jesus is so important to you that you can't stand sinners, that, in fact, the act of sin brings you to tears and hurts you heart as much as it makes the Lord weep, and if you in fact feel gay love is a sin, than please go read Luke 6:42, followed by Isaiah 64:6 and then go look in the mirror.  

You don't hate because God wants you to.  You hate because it makes you feel good, it elevates you above those horrible people who don't deserve to be buried next to their one true love.  Look yourself in the eye, and ask yourself really, what would Jesus do?

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