January's Reflection

3 years ago

It feels so good to be blogging again.  I haven’t written in about 3 weeks because I’ve been doing some reflecting and soul-searching.

Don’t worry though, I AM BACK!!


Over the past couple weeks, I have started my 2nd semester of graduate school.  I’ve also spoken with two attorneys about taking steps to starting my own business.  And, I’ve had some crucial conversations with some friends to gain advice and perspective.

This is what a month of reflection has shown me:

1.  I’m going to continue going to graduate school.  

I have chosen a graduate program that will (in theory) create a solid foundation to further my career.  Uh…..I don’t want to work in a cubicle for the rest of my life.  And honestly, I don’t want to work in the field under which I am studying.  I want to do something meaningful and make a difference in lives.

But, I am practical and reasonable.  I know that all businesses don’t succeed, and we all knowhow scared I am about quitting my job.  So I’m going to follow though with grad school AND weigh becoming an entrepreneur.

2.  I’m going to start my own business, but probably not tomorrow.

I’ve got an idea to make a business into a reality, but that’s about all.  I know I need to take care of some legal obligations; I am a law-abiding citizen, yo!  I am also going to set aside a little bit of money to get everything started, but my money is very precious, so I’m still deciding how much to take out of savings to get everything started.

Working full time, going to graduate school full time, and starting my own business is a lot on my plate.  Oh, and I try to have a social life too.  So, I am going to take things one step at at time.  I’m in no rush.

3.  I am super lazy.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m lazy.  SUPER LAZY.  I watch an embarrassingly large amount of TV.  I sleep in until noon on weekends, when I can.

I know that if I can just get off my lazy butt, I could be unstoppable.  But, for some reason, I am glued to the couch.  This is not my best quality, but it is something I am working on.


I hope you now understand why I haven’t blogged in so long.  The past couple of weekends have been equally productive and lazy.  I am still on the path to FINDING MY OWN WAY.  I am focused on the awesome opportunities in front of me.  And, much to my dismay, I am studying my butt off in graduate school.

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