January Retrospective - The List

This morning I went to Denise's 10 to-do post for January to see how I did for Jaunary.  I didn't totally fail everything!  I don't have many I can cross off either! haha
Here's my January list and a short summary of each. 
1. Take a photo every day with the good camera
Well, this just didn't happen. I did use it when we were in New Mexico. But not as much as I should have. The d800 stayed in it's case in our bedroom instead of the coffee table where I usually have it. I missed opportunities. And frankly, it's been too cold here at home to take it outside. I am scared to take it from a snuggly 68 degrees indoors to 0 degrees outside, the sudden temperature could make glass crack. I've seen it with a window in my kitchen. Maybe I need to get my DSLR an insulated coat. Maybe I'm in a photography rut because I'm overwhelmed with the d800. Maybe I should read the manual. But I'd rather read books. Maybe I'm making excuses for being scared of it.


2. Pack for New Mexico
We are home, so I obviously did this!

Someone's home?

3. Write daily (failed yesterday)
Super failed this one. Not only didn't I write, but I didn't read blogs much either. I also weaned from Twitter for January. I felt so out of the news loop. I did read 12.3 books though. That's a new record for me! I'm going to sign up for February NaBloPoMo and challenge myself to a month of writing about love!
4. Make meal plans Karen Ballum guide me please!
I did this one time! This week! I haven't stuck to it much, I've switched up days and menus but it came in handy grocery shopping for sure. And it really helps being able to look at a piece of paper (however disgusting due to spilled coffee) and just KNOW what I can make for supper. Thanks to Robin for the link to the meal planner pages on free printables! :)
5. Organize the laundry room- it's a wreck
This has started. I took the bag of clothes to Goodwill, but I've filled another one. One new item in, one old item out is my rule. I shopped too much in January obviously.
6. Organize the pantry- it detonated over the holidays
I've done 4 shelves, that's a start.
7. Remember to take my meds every day
Thanks again to Karen! I found an app called RemindMe Rx that sends me a reminder every day at the same times, morning and night, and I didn't miss a dose since I set it up. It also has all my medication listed so if I'm in a spot where I need to write it down for a doctor, I've got the information right on my phone.
8. Make appointment (and go) for my 5 year mammogram
Nope, didn't do it. Kick me. Boobs hurt… I know that tech is going to be brutal. I'm scared too.
9 & 10 weren't even necessary to worry about! We had a fantastic trip! I was nervous for nothing.
Things I did that should have been on the list:
1. Rearranged the sunroom, cleaned the plants, fertilized them, added a new living area to our home!

Day 29- symmetry. Sunroom doors. #takentodayjanuary

2. Particpated in #FMSPhotoADay and #takentodayjanuary photo challenges on Instagram.

Just one more for day 29-symmetry. #takentodayjanuary #instaweather #symmetry

3. Read those 12 books!
Now it's time to think about February.


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