January 9th.... The Busy Me....Not Really!!!

4 years ago


Well I have been absent from NaBloPoMo since Monday!!! Sorry

but I have had my hands full with other wonderful projects and



 Tuesday was spent doing 2 things


 1. Lining up another job since I couldn’t stand the pressure of

keeping quiet anymore on Monday!!! I never said I was didn’t want

to do it anymore, I just wouldn’t stand for lies to be a part of our

arrangement anymore. And that's all I am going to say about

that......until Tuesday if I don’t get what is due to me!!!


 2. Making a new blog on blogspot.com. I am so so excited about

this one too. I really do want to make this a source of extra

income. I am also learning that I am a true writer soul. I don’t want

to write..... I need to write. It's just a piece of the whole of who I



 Wednesday was spent with a 3rd grade class at the local

environmental center. That was so much fun. Thankfully it wasn't

as cold as I thought it was going to be. I already have a post on

the back burner about the fun we had. I will finish it today. And I

will finish the Animated movies of the past 13 years too.


 Today I have so much to do but I am checking them off pretty

quickly. OK who am I really kidding I have only done one thing so

far. Here's my to do list for today.......


1. Post on Blogspot.com...........Check

2. Catch up on NaBloPoMo.........1/3 of a Check

3. Gotta play my Facebook games.........Not done

4. Clean the house..........Not done

5. Watch the new American Horror Story: The Coven episode on

the DVR from last night......Not done

6. Watch the new SVU episode also on the DVR from last

night......Not Done


7. Make the Chili for the Chili Mac tonight....Not Done


8. Prepare posts for Friday (since I will be working at my new

job)........ Not Done


So as you can see, I need to get my ass of this laptop and get

down to business. It's time to become the Multitasking queen  I

am. I was doing it while I typing. My Facebook game bonuses

have been claimed. Now I can begin to check of #3. LOL I love

my games!!!


Well until later today when I finish catching up on here, I hope

everyone has a stellar morning. Stellar....i truly don’t know where

that came from.


Happy Writing!!!







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