I've just given away my cooker. It's very liberating. Bring on Domino's Pizza!

7 years ago
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Dahlinks! I love you more than Domino's Pizza (actually I can't back that up).

As you know, I have been in the process of selling my house in London, and last Monday one of the viewers put in an offer of £430,000 ($688,500 USD). Considering that the sale price was £445,000, I was unsure whether to accept the offer or not.

So I put the question to my lovely readers; 'do I barter, or do I accept the offer?'

By the far the vast majority of you said 'barter', and so I made like an Arab and did exactly that. I rang the Estate Agent and told them that I would accept £435,000 ($699,000 USD).

Pic.No.1 My London house. It's only got two bedrooms and one bathroom, and is ridiculously expensive because it is in a desirable part of the city. To put it into perspective, one of my best friends, Sarah, is currently selling her three bedroom house in Leeds (up north) for £79,000 ($127,000 USD)

The estate agent (called House Network by the way), got back to me within 24 hours to say that the buyer had agreed to the figure of £435,00! Woo hoo! The increase of £5000 equated to 1,253 bottles of wine, or 385 'Hot and Spicy' Domino's pizzas. What a bloody result. The Japanese lady buying the house only stipulated one condition for increasing her offer; and that was that the cooker be included in the price.

Now, considering that cooking is for the devil's spawn, giving away my cooker wasn't too much of a big deal. No cooker = less cleaning. Bonus!

Pic.No.2 This is the cooker that I am giving to my buyer. It has got two ovens and a grill. But I only used them for storage. The bottom shelf was ideal for jumpers, and socks used to go on the top shelf

So, it's all happening. The buyer wants to complete the sale by 13th May, and I need to get my skates on.

I will do it, but at the moment I am SOOOOO ....... bloody tired. I have been driving between Oxford and London at least three times a week to get the house ready for sale and to conduct viewings. On top of that I am currently trying to get my new business off the ground, whilst simultaneously designing a website for a friend. And that's before I factor in looking after Izzy and walking Naughty George.

My email inbox is brimming, I have a ton of mail that needs sorting, and my house looks like a hovel (but I don't mind that too much because I am pretty slovenly. It's a good job that black rings in the bath don't kill people).

So my dahlinks, if I haven't visited your blog or returned your email, it is not because I am ignoring you. Luckily, I have a free weekend coming up because Izzy is with her dad, so I am going to be doing some serious catching up.

P.S. So how are your days going? Busy or boring?

P.P.S. I nearly forgot. After my blog yesterday about the daffodils at Shotover Park, one of my blog chums, Robert from Arkwrights of Orton, sent me a picture of the daffodils he had seen at his place of work. And his place of work is uber-cool because it is a steam-train station.

Pic.No.3. This is a picture of Robert's daffodils at the train station. Even better, you can see a steam train arriving at the platform

Hey Robert, don't you out-daffodil me or this could turn bad!

Annie (Lady M) x

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