I've Got a Feeling

6 years ago

Do you ever have moments of intuition? You can just sense or feel something is going to happen?

This happens to me a lot actually. It can be big things and it can be small things. I don’t think it has anything to do with my powers of observation because let’s face it…I’m not very observant unless I really put my mind to it.

Yesterday for example I was in the car on my way to pick up Sophia from the sitter’s house and I was flipping through the radio channels. I hesitated on the button designated for the country music station and thought “Red Solo Cup” sure enough I hit the button and what started playing? “Red Solo Cup”. I’ll randomly think of an episode of a TV show and that night it will be playing in re-runs after the nightly news.

Four years ago I had a similar experience with Tim. While he was on his AT I just had this overwhelming feeling that he was going to come home and announce that he was deploying. I even shared my thoughts with my friends because I was so sure of myself. Sure enough Tim came home with the news that he would be getting orders to deploy in less than a year and he did.

Lately I’ve been having those feelings again. I feel like there are all these signs that we need to get our act together because it’s coming. Tim has been asked twice in the last six months if he wanted to volunteer for a deployment. The same thing happened last time. I just have this overwhelming feeling he’s going to be voluntold to pack his bags very soon.

Hopefully I won’t have to take a picture like this in the near future. I think asking that I never take a similar picture again would be completely delusional.

If you’re a military spouse, do you ever get feelings like this? Do they ever prove to be right?

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