Its Time to Declutter

9 months ago
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“Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more.  Don’t be so serious. Life isn’t a race.”  Christiane Lemieux


     I always feel like its time to slow down a little bit when October arrives.   The cooler air, even the colors, and the falling leaves seem to speak of a gentler rhythm.   It also seems to be a time to declutter and prepare the house for the winter months.  Last weekend several people I know were buried in the deep clean and declutter zone.   I asked why and they said “ it’s just time. It’s fall.”

    I started thinking about it and it occurred to me that I agreed.  Decluttering is healing and in its own way just makes you happy to have a clean house.  I also started thinking of other areas of my life that needed decluttering.   Mind clutter slows us down and distracts from being our best selves.  Maybe adding this to the fall declutter would be a great way to move forward.    How would we declutter our minds?    Perhaps after the motion of the house declutter is past, we could allow the rhythm of fall to speak to us.       

       Slow down and breathe.   Ah yes, better already.   Just focusing on breathing for a few minutes a few times a day is calming.  The rhythm of fall allows us to slow down.

     Worries on your mind?  Write them down. This helps take them out of your mind.  

     Take a walk and enjoy nature. 

     Ok, here is a tough one.  Take some time away or try to reduce your electronics or television use.  Just a thought.  It’s easy to get caught up in “staying connected”.  Yes, I am definitely guilty of this.  What would happen if we took a day, an hour, a day, a week…. You choose.

     Start a gratitude journal or a daily gratitude jar.  You will have taken the time to think about what you are grateful for as well as acknowledged your gratitude.  This is a great way to “declutter” the negative energy you may have been caught up in.

   There are many ways to declutter your life.  Cleaning your house is just the start.  Declutter your mind. You will find ways that work for you.   Maybe it will become part of your fall declutter.  Maybe you will find it necessary to your wellbeing: daily, weekly, or seasonally. You choose.

Don’t forget to breathe.

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