Its Only Between you and God !

4 months ago
After, the recent shootings in Virginia, and in San Francisco. I've, come to the realization that unless,  all people resolve their existing conflicts, the bottom line is it will be between you and God.  
When, those views , turn into action to hurt individuals, it will ultimately be  a choice you've made, and it is between you and God.  Now, if you do not believe in a higher power, and you are god yourself, you're doomed in your thinking, that it will not be a god that judges your choice of action.
But, those that believe, have a opportunity  for change.  That change, may be a religionist view you have, a political view you have, and even those moral views, you have that is affecting the resolution in agreement to be righted.
When you have every opportunity, to right a wrong and refuse to do so, that's a choice you've made and it is between you and God. When you're comparing yourself, and your accomplishments to another person, that's  a choice you've made, and it is between you and God.
When, you can see problems instead of opportunities, and can criticize everyone  else except yourself.  And, go to such extremes,to prove a point, that's a choice you've made, and that is between you and  God.
All the of noise of whose right and whose wrong is a pointless. There, will be no one there, for you use to gang up on another person, to prove a point. There will be no one there, to invest in your endeavors, and there will be no one there, to pat you on the back, to say what a good job of "works" you've done, except you and God.
The point I'm attempting to make here,  is when its over, it will only be between you and God !
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