It's Not an Excuse. Kind of.

7 years ago
 Milo has a thing for hair clips and requested to have a 
load of pink ones in his hair. I obliged...

Having written a rather heartfelt post a mere few weeks about re-comitting to this blog, I hang my head in shame for the distinct lack of writing of late. Scrap that, there's been plenty of writing (among other things) just not here on 'Workingberlinmum'. The fact is though that it isn't just here that I have been stepping back from for a week or so, it is in almost every aspect of my life. Every aspect other then work and Milo that is. Things built up to the point of a momentous crescendo of late and I just had to temporarily pack away (metaphorically speaking of course) every other aspect of my life for a while and just put my head down and focus on the work. It was neccessary and I'm glad I did it.

There is just so much to do at the moment. I had a really important meeting with the Job Center to discuss my new business, how said business affects my current Hartz IV (benefits) status, this blimin' German course of which I have been waiting and WAITING to hear news about for 3 months now (I called them today and they assured me I will receive a letter within the next 4 weeks about when and where my course will take place) and I was also informed that I will likely no longer be dealing with my current contact at the Job Center as they are doing a shake up of the 'clients' (can 'we' really be called that?!) mid April and so who knows what kind of person (some of them really aren't human I am sure!) I will have post shake up?!

I have also been trawling through the Imobilien (housing) sites for possible apartments (read 'A New Home?' if you have no idea what I am referencing) and have so far only managed to view one due to their always super awkward viewing times! That apartment really wasn't suitable for a mother and child. I have another viewing early this evening which is in a really good location but is fourth floor which I am not super keen on. I am going to check it out though. The fact is that I have enough opportunities to do the food shopping et al when Milo is at kita or when his father has him on his weekend day so there'll be little need to carry both Milo and a bag load of shopping up the 4 flights of stairs but it is of course not perfect. The look of the apartment from the pics, the price and the location are seemingly good though so I am going to check it out, 4 floors and all and as I will have Milo with me for the viewing it'll give me a chance to see just how tiring it is to carry him up all those flights of stairs.

Also on the cards is a new Vintage blog I will be launching on the 18th April. I am really excited about this. I will still of course be writing 'Workingberlinmum' alongside the other blog so no worries there but the vintage blog will be an outlet for me to wax lyrical about the wonderful world of vintage clothing, cars, architecture, music, jewellery of course and whatever else I can get my hands on. There will be guest bloggers, regular contributors and I also plan to do focuses on vintage shopping and spotting in various cities around the world. I will put a link to the new blog on this site once it has launched.

So, as you can see, I have been quite frankly up to my ears at the moment. Run off my feet. Running around like a headless chicken. Which phrases have I forgotten?!

Please forgive me, I haven't forgotten this blog and I well and truly have recomitted. There was just a brief backwards slide.


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