Its Not Cool to Be Gay

This isn’t the post you think it is.  Some people will love this post. Some people will hate it. I’m ok with that.

Some people will disagree with my opinion. I’m ok with that too.

Just please remember that we all are entitled to our own opinions. And around here – we respect each other.

Another Letter… this time to former students. I want them to know I am proud of them.  

I watched you grow up.  I was there… watching as you turned from boys into men.  I was there, watching you navigate the trials of high school.  I watched you make friends and lose some along the way.  I watched you mature and develop your own opinions of life.  I was proud of you then.  

Now, as we are more “equal” than not, I watch you in a different light.  You are older, but in all fairness, so am I.  We are not quite peers, but almost.  We’ve kept in touch, and I’ve watched you “grow into yourselves.”  This has not always been easy.  My former role was to help you through your struggles.  Stand up to the bullies.  Encourage you to be original.  My role now is more passive.  A quick note to check in.  A “like” on a Facebook status. Offer an encouraging word when we see each other.  My feelings are the same.  I am proud of you.   

imageIt is not easy being gay.  You have hurdles I can’t even begin to imagine.  Every small step… is celebrated.  I watched, in silence, as you have – each in your own right – become open about your sexuality and become activists in your own right.  It is not cool to be the kid on the outside. 

I have watched, in silence, as people have written words that must hurt.  I have watched, in silence, as people have shifted their alliances around. I have watched – you stand firm.  I am so proud.  

It makes no difference to me if you are gay or not.  That is not really what this post is about.  It matters that you have the ability to stand tall.  Even when what you are doing is not the “cool” thing to do.  Even when people remind you that you are not yet accepted by all… You. Are. Just. You.  

You make me very proud.  Those who don’t care what is cool.  Those who stand tall.  Very Proud…


Kristen @

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