It's Going to Be Okay

3 years ago

Its Going to Be Okay

Head down, hands bracing the sink’s edge, I close my eyes. The weight of things beyond myself curl my shoulders forward a little more. I lean on my palms, waiting for answers, direction. Breaths rise and fall, and I keep waiting. For courage. Stability. Hope.

My husband rests his hands against my back, and the mirror reflection shows eyes of compassion leading to a simple phrase that leaves me undone in that tiny corner bathroom.

“It’s going to be okay.”

A handful of words stretch together like a ribbon winding itself again and again around a weary heart. Covering. Mending. Eyes water, insides clench. I want to believe it. I need to believe it. But the ground still shakes with doubt.

know everything will be okay. Eventually. Even if I don’t feel it yet.

Because behind the doubt that taints everything a charcoal grey, there are breathtaking colors waiting for our fingers to create beauty with.

Behind the fears that ground us to the floor, gripping a sink’s edge, there’s a wave-riding wind waiting for our hands to grasp the feel of freedom.

Behind the pain that backs our dreams into corners, there’s a hope waiting for our hearts to release the life-changing artwork that only comes through vulnerability.

Through brokenness, words scrawl across the page, raw and unfiltered. Paints mix together, colors run into each other without borders. It may feel disjointed, maybe uncontrolled. No perfect resolutions or immaculate edits. It’s here, in the mess, where you write your story.

The story only you can tell. The one you were gifted in every way to live, to share with us. The story that will stir life back into the dormant places until we hear ourselves breathe again and echo of the words we’re learning to stand on day by day.

“It’s going to be okay.”

Not because we have it all together. Or because we have our emotions in check and life in order. But because we come with shaky knees, white-knuckled grips, frail hearts, and still choose to share our story.

When it doesn’t feel okay, don’t be afraid to let the ink stain the blank pages or the watercolors to smear the canvas. The beauty of artistry comes through the bravery of surrender. And the worldwide stage is waiting to showcase stories from the ones who’ve lived, trusting it’s going to be okay even when it doesn’t feel like it.

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