Its the end of the world as we know it

9 years ago

During a deep, drunken conversation my ex-boyfriend told me about the end of the world prophecy on 12/21/2012. I, personally, don’t really buy into those types of predictions… but it definately gives you a lot to think about.

The end of the world. What does that even mean? Is the earth going
to suddenly blow up? Disappear? Cease to exist? How does an entire
world just… end? I was raised in the Christian Church and was taught to
believe that one day the Lord will come back and take all of the
Christians to heaven. The rest of the world will be left in ruins and
controlled by the devil. Will this really happen? Who knows. Like all
end of the world prophecies, the Book of Revelations in the Christian
Bible is all prediction. No one really knows what will happen and when.

Two days ago I was telling someone about the 2012 Prophecy and he
just kind of laughed. That is a typical response. No one really knows
how to react when someone suggests that we only have 4 more years until
the end of the world. It is heavy stuff. But he did ask me a question
that got me thinking even more. He said, “If you knew that the world
really was going to end in 4 years, would you start living
differently?” Without any hesitation, I said no.

Why? Because I like my life. For the most part, I would even say
that I love my life. I try to live to the fullest and am generally
happy with the decisions I have made. I don’t have very many regrets
and there isn’t much about my life that I would change. Of course,
there are little things. Insignificant things. Like debt… and
arguments… and terrible first kisses. But all in all, I do what I want
to. I make things happen. I don’t let people talk me out of anything. I
live in the moment.

I realize that I sound a bit pretentious. Please forgive me. My
point is not to say that I, myself, am so great. I have a lot of flaws
and I know it. Changing yourself is hard… but changing how you live is
not. Ask yourself the same question. How would you change how you live
if you only had 4 years left? Or 4 months? Or 4 days? Would you travel
more? Hug your family more? Dance? Laugh? Smile at strangers? What
could you do to make your life more fulfilling?

I just don’t think that I would do things differently. And I am so
thankful that I have had the courage to live my life with so little
restraint. I know that not everyone is so brave.

It’s a timeless question: What would you do if your days were
numbered? Think about it. Ponder it. It might put your life into
perspective. And no matter what… hug your family, laugh out loud, and
smile at strangers. Everyday single day. Until the end of the world.

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