It's in the Air

5 years ago

Have you ever had a thought dropped in your spirit and find, before you've fully processed the thought, 2 or 3 others have shared the same information? God shares something with you in the morning and, before noon, it's been reiterated by Joyce Meyers, a newsletter and the wording on a tote? Yeah, it happens to me too.

In the beginning, I saw others repeating the information as mere confirmation that I'd indeed heard from God. Later, I began to think I was to do something with the information. Today, I know I'm simply suppose to share with others what God shares with me through writing and coaching. Simple concept until I start over-thinking things.

Being that many times these topics were very personal to me, either answering a question I'd previously posed or shedding light on a situation long forgotten, I would hesitate with sharing in an effort to process my thoughts. While I was processing, however, speakers, life coaches and televangelist would all continue to share the same information. Out of fearing that my thoughts wouldn't be seen as original, I'd trash them. The world doesn't need one more version of the same thing, I thought.  That is, of course, until a close friend told me that I don't get to opt out of sharing what God has shared with me simply because He's shared the same information with others. How I heard it, my experiences surrounding it and how I relay the information might be similar but it won't be the same.  Each message will target a different audience, at a different time, in a different way.

Case in point, I started this particular post on the same day that, Dawn, one of my close blogging friends posed several questions around finding ones voice as a writer. Being that the topic was spiritual in nature and personal, I struggled to find the right words to convey my thoughts. As a result, I'd only had the concept down when I read her post. In "The fear in finding your voice", Dawn shares how myself and several other bloggers covered similar topics within a week and how each post was beneficial in some way. To be clear, Dawn's purpose for writing had nothing to do our similarities but being that I was working on this post earlier it's all I thought about.  'It's all one big circle', I thought as I read her post, the ones she'd referenced and reconsidered the one I'd yet published.

As a writer, it's not unusual for me to have several writing topics swimming around in my head. In addition to the random topics, however, there's normally one that weighs heavily on my heart and mind. There's normally one I feel the need to write and the difficulty in writing can range anywhere from not a problem to I need to take a nap.

To me, sharing those things that mean something is 'your voice'.  It's a mixture of: What do I need to say (or do) right now? What experiences have I had? And, how can this help others? The rest is simply getting out of your own way so that the wisdom shared with you can be translated as accurately as possible to others. The more I trust what I heard, the more I find through different forms of media that others heard it as well.  God distributes His messages among many, we are to simply help spread the word.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my writing and my life. If I can pay attention to the slight nudge telling me what to do next, I find that I'm in line with others following the same nudge.  In this place writing and living is easier simply because I do what I'm lead to do next. In the beginning, all you have is faith. It's not until after you've produced something that you'll get confirmation. This is where I most often find my voice.

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