Is It Time To Try a Detox?

4 years ago

Many people have asked me about doing a “detox” and what I recommend for them. It is hard to answer that specifically without knowing more about each individual, because I do not think it is a one size fits all plan. What we do have in common is the possible exposure to environmental toxins and how our bodies eliminate toxins. Environmental toxins are dangerous to the human health. We may be exposed to things like dioxin, mercury and lead in our environment. We may also have toxins in our bodies that we need help to eliminate. The good news is there are things that you can do to limit your exposure to and help speed along the removal process of such toxins.

To limit your exposure to environmental toxins:

Ingest organically grown, pesticide free foods whenever possible.    

Do not smoke, and do everything you can to avoid secondhand smoke.

Ingest foods lower on the food chain. These foods include plants, nuts, fruits, vegetables and grains.

Do not eat synthetic substances, including artificial colors in foods.

Avoid living or working near reclaimed landfills or toxic waste dumps.

Find employment where you are not in contact with chemicals or chemical solvents.

What about ways to eliminate toxins that may already be in your system? To help reduce your body's toxic load:

Drink plenty of pure water.

Eat a diet filled with whole grains and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. This will help you to have regular bowel movements and aid in healthy digestion.

Practice deep breathing, making sure you are exposed to clean air

Sweat. It is cleansing for your body. When you sweat, whether in a sauna, steam bath or engage in vigorous exercise, your body releases toxins.

Milk thistle is an herb you may want to try. It supports liver function.


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