It Is Stupidly Expensive to Be a Bridesmaid

6 years ago

I've been a bridesmaid, um, five or six times? And I've been a romantic-piece-of-writing-maybe-Kahlil-Gibran-or-Bible-verse reader many, many more times. I much prefer being a reader. You want to know why? It costs thousands to be today's bridesmaid. Seriously.

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First of all, if you're asked to be a bridesmaid, it's because the bride either a) considers you one of her very best friends in the whole world or b) is choosing people to represent various times of her life, and you were her fave in kindergarten. Either way, this is not someone you want to diss. This is your bestie. But.

Brides need presents. Bridesmaids need dresses. Brides need showers and bachelorette parties, organized and funded by you. Bridesmaids need shoes. Brides need to have their weddings somewhere you do not live. Bridesmaids need hotel rooms and sometimes plane flights. Brides need to feel like this is the best day of their lives. Bridesmaids need coping mechanisms.

The weddings in my life have died down quite a bit at this point, but I remember a ten-year stretch in which I attended or stood up in at least two weddings a year. And I feel your pain, you bridesmaids. Which is why the only person who stood up with me when I got married ten years ago was my little sister, and though she called me Bridezilla, I did buy her dress.

Before you agree to this most momentous role, check out this awesome infographic from by way of

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Freaking yet? If you decide to take the plunge and go for it anyway, go in with open eyes and don't grouse about the money. In the back of her mind, that bride knows exactly what she's doing to you.

And she's enjoying it.

How many times have you been a bridesmaid? If you're married, how did you handle finances with your bridesmaids?

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