It Really Is Bad Form To Floss Your Teeth In Public People!

I was still working on finishing my delicious, romantic dinner with my Lancelot Knight, when I chanced to look over his shoulder at the woman sitting at the next table (obviously with her husband and another couple), I then saw that she was flossing her teeth. Are you kidding me? And then I saw it, something went flying from her mouth and onto the table. Oh-no-you-didn’t! Ugh!! Gasp!!! In an instant I felt myself go green, and the food in my stomach lurched. Please stay down!

I quickly reached for my margarita and took a big gulp, and then a second even bigger gulp.

But then I found myself looking. You don’t want to look, but somehow you do; it’s like a car wreck, you are captivated by the act, you’ve fallen in a trance, because you can’t believe what you are seeing. You can’t believe it is really happening!

Moments later the waiter appears and asks if there was anything else he could do for them. She shakes her head no, and answers with a guttural sound, never breaking stride from flossing her teeth. The waiter, I noticed, appeared taken aback, and didn’t hesitate to create some obvious distance.

So I wasn’t alone in my revulsion!

We had a friend that went on a date with a girl that dumped him that very night. They’d gone to dinner to a very nice hotel, and when they’d finished eating, on the way out, he stopped at one of the mirrors in the hotel’s hallway to floss his teeth. He seriously could not understand why anyone would be so upset by someone simply keeping hygiene!

Do they not realize, these people keeping public hygiene, that most of us don’t want to see this, see the food a second time, and in squashed bits and pieces being flung out of their mouths!

What happened to etiquette? Whatever happened to plain-old common sense? Really people!

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