Is it Possible to Green a Freelance Business?

6 years ago

Yes, it is. Doing as much as you can to green any business is important.


Greening your freelance business may seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be. Baby steps may be taken if you are feeling overwhelmed. Do whatever works best for you.


The first step in greening your business is knowing exactly what you need, as well as what you will be able to live without. Be aware that impulse shopping for your business may ruin greening efforts. Purchase only what is needed, after looking into ways of acquiring items used. Try to:


  1. Look for used file cabinets, rather than purchasing all new ones.

  2. Use the Sticky Note program on your laptop rather than wasting paper using Post-Its. You do not have to eliminate the paper versions completely, but use them sparingly.


Be aware that it may be better to let something run its useful course than to get rid of it right now. When it is time to get rid of an item, look for alternative ways of letting it go so that you are not deliberately adding more stuff to landfills. For instance:



  1. After upgrading to a better cell phone, be sure to recycle the old one. This can be done using the AT&T and other companies. You might donate the old phone to a charitable program within your community instead.

  2. Recycle old computers and laptops. Dell has a program set up for this purpose. If you are just going to get rid of the computer anyway, you may contact computer repair people in your area to see if they would be willing to take the machine off your hands.


Try not to be wasteful. Reuse as much as possible, and find alternatives to throwing things away. Set up:


  1. A box in a convenient location to place sheets of paper that can be reused. If you mail items to customers, shred the paper once both sides are covered and use the shreds as packaging material.

  2. Another collection box for printer cartridges might also be set up. provides envelopes for mailing back empty cartridges. Other companies may as well.


These simple steps will help to put your freelance business on the green path, as well as save your business money.



Shannon L. Buck, Freelance Writer

How to Live the Freelance Life

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