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Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce that BlogHer is officially kicking off a new channel on BlogHer that provides the space for BlogHers to converse and share ideas about the triumphs and challenges of that all-consuming journey called motherhood:




Since 2005 when we hosted the first mommyblogging panel at BlogHer's inaugural conference -- thank you, Jenny Lauck, Jenn Satterwhite and Meghan Townsend! -- BlogHer has been at the forefront of developing new publishing models and opportunities for all women whose voices make them leaders in social media and offline. For years we have worked to put a stake in the ground on credibility for women who blog, fought stereotypes that women didn't blog, fought stereotypes that only moms blog and reminded everyone about women blogging sports, politics, tech, business, race ... well, the list is endless. We've watched the debate over the term mommyblog and reminded everyone that the only group of women more stereotyped than a mother is a woman who doesn't have children -- because she will never hear the end of it. Right? Right.

And now ... it's time for BlogHerMoms. As BlogHer continues to create conversations for the whole woman -- in which she can discuss everything from stress to entrepreneurism -- Elisa, Jory and I think women need a dedicated space devoted to the journey of motherhood.

That's why I called Stacy Morrison. Since our first BlogHer conference together in 2007, when Stacy -- then-editor in chief of Redbook magazine -- talked about the need to understand the tsunami of women in social media, I have loved how much Stacy gets it. Gets us. She's a brilliant wordsmith, far-seeing strategist and downright superhero when it comes to sharing her own personal journey to help the rest of us ford ours.

If you wonder what I mean, witness this outtake from my interview with Stacy about her book on surviving her divorce and beginning single motherhood:



With Stacy, joined by the three women who have pioneered so much on this network -- Julie Ross Godar, Denise Tanton and Rita Arens -- our goal is to turn into a nerve center where the community of readers and watchers and media will be able to go and learn in a millisecond what matters to women who are parents. We want this exchange of news, information, advice, philosophy, hopes, fears and dreams to be for moms by moms. And not for just one kind of mom either: BlogHerMoms wants to serve and serve up mommies, mamacitas, mas, hot mommas, and muthas (you know who you are). Plus green moms, soccer moms, pregnant moms, birth moms, working moms, homeschooling moms, single moms, step-moms, PTA moms, lesbian moms (and dads), need-a-night-out-with-the-girls moms, mom-in-every-way-but-the-name moms, mythical super-moms and for everyone who’s ever wanted to be called “mommy.”

Me included.

And with that, I'll hand it over to Stacy. Take it away, Stacy ...




Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-founder

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