The Intimidation of Blogging

4 years ago

I've been playing mental hacky sack with the idea of starting a blog for a long time. Years, infact. Like, since high school. I've started a couple, on different sites, and just haven't been able to keep up with them. It's not that I don't have enough ideas to manage one or anyhting, it's just that it's so gosh darn intimidating.

I feel like I'm in school again when I think about it. "Will they like me?" "What if I'm not popular?" "I don't think I'll make the team." "What if I mess up?" "I'll just embarass myself." These are all amoung the many similarly worded fears in my strange comparison of school days and blogging. I was never a popular kid, quite the opposite in fact, so I guess I fear the same will come out of blogging.

So I thought, "why not just start a blog this way?" I'll be completely out in the open about it, right from the start, so that if something does occur in some negative way, you all know that I know. And I know that you know that I know. So the embarrasment's out of the way right? If I make a fool out of myself at some point, we can all look back on it with humor, and laugh at my previously predicted perdicament. 

But I wonder, do you feel the same way too? I mean, not neccessarily about blogging, but about things that should in no way at all be terrifying, but absolutely are?


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