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5 years ago

Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) has entertained us for years with her eclectic sense of humor and her commitment to the community via The Traveling Red Dress Project. Her accidental philanthropy shows her heart is bigger than her metal chicken. I was so excited to hear Jenny's memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, is out in paperback (with a bonus chapter) this month. I've grown to know Jenny over the past few years via blogging, and I've never met anyone quite like her -- raw, loving, brave and crazy like a fox.

I started laughing somewhere around page two. While there are a few excerpts I've read online, I'd say 80 percent of the memoir is new material and just as funny, fascinating and heartbreakingly honest as the Jenny you read at The Bloggess, confidence wigs and all.

BlogHer: I loved how you sprinkled comments from your editor throughout your memoir. How many of them were based on real conversations?

Jenny Lawson: About half of them; although, when I say “editor,” it could mean editor, agent, publicity.

BlogHer: Who are your favorite authors?

Jenny Lawson: I have too many to name, as I read voraciously, but these are a few of my favorites:

  • Neil Gaiman

  • Ray Bradbury

  • Dorothy Parker

  • Hunter S. Thompson

  • David Sedaris

  • Augusten Burroughs

BlogHer: What are the ingredients in a Wine Slushie?

Jenny Lawson If I have money, it’s a snow cone topped with Chambord. If I don’t, it’s a Smirnoff poured over crushed ice with a hint of cherry cough syrup.

BlogHer: Do you think cats really leave dead animals at your feet because they think you’re too dumb to learn to hunt?

Jenny Lawson: Totally. My cats know me better than the rest of the world does.

BlogHer: Which room of which dollhouse is your favorite?

Jenny Lawson: The attic. Just like in real life, it’s the place where all the extra crap goes, and so it’s almost like it made itself. It’s a lot like my own attic, except it’s filled with haunted mirrors and dragons and broken crystal balls and dead bodies. My own attic is only filled with one of those. I’m not going to say which one.

BlogHer: Our daughters are the same age. When are you going to let Hailey get her own blog?

Jenny Lawson: She wants one, but I’m making her wait until she’s eighteen. Or thirty-six.

BlogHer: Which part of your memoir isn’t true but you wish it were?

Jenny Lawson: The part where I say that I only set the oven on fire once.

BlogHer: Do you still have the baby-raccoon Jams?

Jenny Lawson: Sadly, I no longer have the baby raccoon, or his magical Jams. It’s just like Thomas Wolfe said, “You can’t go home again.”

BlogHer: Which part of the day do you love the best?

Jenny Lawson: Happy hour . . . which is the time I get to spend with my daughter every night. Drinking time is also a nice part of my day, but it’s not mandatory, unlike my Hailey time.

BlogHer: Which part of this publishing trip was your favorite?

Jenny Lawson: Bringing a dead mouse to New York in order to have his photo shoot for the cover of the book. It was insane. And awesome. The guy sitting next to me on the plane would only agree with that first part.

Laura Mayes, me and Jenny Lawson hiding in the fake bathroom at The People's Party, BlogHer '11. Who else gets a fake bathroom? For real?

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