The Internet Memes of 2011 That Drove You Crazy

5 years ago

The Internet Meme, that blog filler that no one knows how to pronounce. (Is it meem? Mee Mee? Mehm?) We love them because they're sometimes the best way to deliver random information in one bite or encapsulate how we feel about an enormous idea into a succinct image. We hate them because they often lack substance. Internet memes are the chip of the blogosphere -- they taste good, but they have no nutritional value, and they often are addictive, sparking thousands of others to follow along in devouring them.

Jezebel rounded up the best of the Internet meme lists, and I have to admit that I missed almost... all of them. I mean, sure, you would have had to avoid Twitter for the entire month of March to miss out on #winning. But "Dating Site Murder" -- somehow I never encountered this man's intense gaze until Jezebel's list.

Which makes me wonder if I'm just not reading the right blogs or friending the right people on Facebook if I truly want to stick my finger in the socket of pop culture. I had no idea that hipsters owned such an enormous chunk of the yearly best memes. Cute dogs -- yes, I expected that. But hipsters? I thought they were too busy trying on new pairs of chunky black glasses to have time to show up in Internet memes.

(Though I will admit that I have an extraordinarily large amount of photos of people planking this year. My picture folder declares this Year of the Plank.)

Listen, Facebook friends, Stumblers, and Twitter'ers -- you've really let me down. Because while you all showed up with Feminist Ryan Gosling, none of you have delivered me a woman laughing alone with a salad.

Jezebel wants to know what was your favourite Internet meme, obviously going with the assumption that you love them. But we want to know the Internet meme that drove you crazy this year. Which one made your bottom 10 of 2011?

Photo Credit: Waitscm.

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