Is Internet Education set to Overtake Traditional Learning?

3 years ago

Given the advances of high-tech video conferencing and the availability of tons of resources online, often one is left to wonder ‘why go for conventional studies?’ The skyrocketing college fees have further led to the increasing dilemma. The good news though is that student debt problems in the US have escalated dramatically, making the argument hotter.

The unfair advantage of traditional learning methods

Internet education is not without its downside though. The lack of an accredited degree and the fact that many employers do not consider its course credits, have penalized this concept heavily. But this is unfair for most instances. Now consider any MIT course in iTunes University. Here, you do not get a diploma by the end of the course, simply because you did not pay the tuition fee. Can this ever be a reason for stopping an individual from a promising job?

That is not to say classroom learning has no thumps up at all, but they are lean enough when you consider the cost involved and the general advantages online education offers.    

Internet is flooded with learning materials

Online colleges have been around for decades sure, but nothing as effective as it is today. Take for example, the Khan academy, a non-profit organization, has offered more than 300 million study materials online for free. It has also demonstrated the power of video learning with its many YouTube channels and its subsequent subscribers.  

Apart from the availability of study materials, the ideas offered by exclusive websites like 'Pepperdine University', helping you with the best possible guide for a career in business Management is awesome. You can access the popular website ‘Online Medical Assisting Programs’, if you want guidance on taking up a career in Medical assisting.

Internet offers access to some of the most unique and best materials prepared by the world’s best scholars. The same thing cannot be said about college academics in spite of the heavy fee spent. Compare that to the Internet open environment where you will be trained by the finest lecturer allowing you to absorb information at your own pace.

Immaculate value for life                           

The value of online education is more prominent among older people, shy students, the disabled and people without the required financial strength.

The absolute necessity of having a traditional degree is further outmoded when you see the track records of giant entrepreneurs who have ascended to glories without a degree. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Richard Branson, Michael Dell and the list goes on and on.             

When you study online, you also have access to number of resources from all over the world. These materials are less likely to be biased or inaccurate as long as you end up in top rated websites. What you can learn sitting at the comforts of your couch is unlimited. You are your own competitor. No limited seats, no race, no inequality, no indifferences; simply put, online education is a boon.  

So what difference does it make any longer as far as you hold a degree and have the right knowledge?   

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