The Infamous Facebook Dislike Button

25 days ago

To misquote Mark Twain, reports of the Facebook dislike button have been greatly exaggerated. Apparently, with the new Open Graph program, the term "dislike" has been banned along with a host of other terms.

Though the new Facebook will not allow "dislike," it will let you show your dislike through any number of other words: "hate," "abhor," "despise," "reject," "poop on," "not like," "loathe," "vomit because of" are all fair game for Facebook app developers. "Dislike," however, has been blacklisted and will not be a part of Facebook 3.0.

People really seem to want a dislike button to go with their ubiquitous "like" button. It has even been manipulated by hackers and spammers, playing on desires to spread malware. And yet Mr. Zuckerberg refuses to bend to the will of the people.

And maybe we should thank him. Perhaps we can't see the bigger picture of what would happen if our wishes came true.

It could lead to even MORE misunderstandings and hurt feelings on Facebook. I mean, you post that your dog has died, and your friend clicks the dislike button. Do they mean that they're sad for you? That they actually hated your dog and are thrilled that he's now dead? That they don't like that you posted about your dead dog and you need to keep that sort of thing off of Facebook? That they can't believe they found out about your dog's death via a social media site instead of a phone call? Can you see the problems that would arise from a dislike button?

And yet, there are obviously quick click buttons missing from Facebook. Buttons such as "why are you telling us this?" or "you may regret this status update in the future." For those times when you don't want to write a long comment, but you sort of need to convey some quick information to the status owner. Such as... dislike.

What button do you think is missing from Facebook?

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