Independence Day - Freedom to Choose

6 years ago

Four years ago I was sitting on a cliff in Maine lamenting how would I ever create the career I desired. How could I break free of what wasn't working? How could I trust and take the risk to leap into self-employment. After several years of trying to "make this happen", I finally had to surrender.

Funny thing is, when I it prayer, tapping into your wisdom, simply listening to the wise voice inside... the verse I share in this blog post - Independence Day or Liberation Day? was literally delivered to me. It came through me. Like one of those moments writers dream of...where you are just moving the pen and it is unfolding in a divine way.

Coincidentally, I returned from this trip, this experience and two work days later I lost my job in a corporate reorganization with no reduction in headcount (yeah, I know the math doesn't add up, it's "special"). From that moment I knew deep in my soul that I was meant to move forward toward what I did want rather than retreat in fear toward what I had known. The devil you know is NOT better than the devil you don''s just the one you know (it might even make you miserable!).

A lot of times discussions center around what you "can't" do. I see it all the time in blog discussions:

  • "Oh but I can't say no at work because I need this job"
  • "I can't risk losing what I have"
  • "I simply have to choose and when I do I feel like everyone, especially me, loses."

This may be how you feel...but it really is just a story we tell ourselves. I've seen women say yes to everything, work the 80 hour weeks, take the extra projects, get additional skills on their own dime, only to lose their job in the next round of rightsizing. I've seen people stay stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy of "can't" forever never venturing toward asking for (or demanding) what they need in order to be whole, well, and a productive professional. I've watched women say no to their heart and their dreams to play it "safe" and then lose it all through job loss or disease, or simply the passage of time.

The point is...there are no guarantees. We all have more choices than we acknowledge. We can't know much with a 100% guaranteed truth (because there is no guarantees!). I'm not suggesting you show up at work and tell everyone to take this job and shove it. However, I am inviting you to question your choices and stories with a sense of curiosity.

As we move into this holiday that represents freedom and independence in the United States... give yourself the gift of a moment of self-reflection. Ask yourself, from your heart...are you living at choice? Do you feel the freedom you desire personally and professionally? And if not...ask yourself: what is one small thing I can do starting now to change that (even if ever so slightly)?

Credit Image: Paula Gregorowicz, used with permission.

Paula Gregorowicz, The Intuitive Intelligence™ Coach
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