I'm Almost Ready!

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Alright I am officially done packing the checked baggage.  Well except for one more pair of khaki capri’s that I want to bring that are in the washer.  I completely unpacked this morning, laid everything out on my bed, and started whittling down my load.  I put away 4 sweater/jacket things, 1 pair of capri’s, 1 pink tank top, a couple of pairs of undies and switched out some shoes.  

Suitcases before Final Repack

I really didn’t put much away.  The makeup almost went back into the bathroom closet because lets face it, I don’t wear make up ever, why would I lug it along to the cruise?  (In case I get bold and brazen I reckon and want face paint because everyone else has it).  I also put one spray can of after sun aloe spray, because I’m not planning on going through 2 cans.  The spf 4 sunscreen came out too, because lets face it, I need at least spf 15 with my fair skin.


One bathing suit got pulled from the pile of clothes, then I added it right back in.  3 bathing suits and 2 coverup dresses isn’t a lot to bring for 2 weeks at sea.  We like to hang out by the pool, so I imagine we’ll be there quite a bit. 

Choey helping me pack

Shampoo and conditioner, check.  Body butter, check.  Perfume, curling iron, blow out brush - check.  One sparkly gold purse and one huge white tote, check.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anything.  

Next is camera equipment, and the tripod is already packed in one of the “to be checked” bags.  Now I just have to decide if I am bringing the 60mm macro lens or the 105mm macro and I think the 60 is winning because it is much lighter than the 105mm.  I like the photos from the 105 better though.  

I don’t have a wide angle lens for the D800, so I’m bringing the coolpix along for landscape photos.   

So here is my final to-do list before we leave: 

  1. remember the fitbit charger
  2. ditto the iPad charger...if it ever comes
  3. put my drugs for 3 weeks into their handy holders
  4. PACK the drugs
  5. finish packing camera bag
  6. pack up laptop and ipad
  7. paint toenails and fingernails
  8. pack that color polish!

And then there are the things I must do Saturday morning before we leave at 4:30 am.  (it just keeps getting earlier and earlier). 

  1. strip the bed
  2. wash sheets and towels 
  3. start the dishwasher

Then go go go!

What I'm Wearing for Travel Day

My travel day outfit ready for the wee hours Saturday morning!

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