If Your Kid Started a New Business, What Would It Be?

7 years ago

Have you ever asked your son or daughter what kind of business they would start? You’ve probably asked them what they want to be when they grow up, or someone has for sure.

Why not try a new twist on the old, extremely dated, industrial age question? Instead of asking your kids “Who are you going to work for?” why not ask them what they would create? Without limitations?

Interesting, huh?

Here’s what a bunch of really great kids came up with this week — all between the ages of 7 to 11 years old:

Teach adults how to use their “smart” phones. Need I comment here? Do you know how to use all the functions on your iPhone or BlackBerry?

Vending machine business – placed at factories and business centers. He’s donating revenue to a Women’s Center.

Computer game creator. I won’t give the name or concept away but it will be “the newest and awesomest game around.”

Children’s party planner – hosting parties for kids up to 8 years old. Donating a large portion of revenue to Haiti.

Online fashion for kids. Clothing and accessories. This adorable 10 year old from Australia “Quite likes spending time with younger children.”

Fitness for kids all around the world. He’s donating some of the revenue to local children’s hospitals after seeing his 6-year-old friend die from cancer.

Video advertising for business owners. He will video interview people “in the real world” about their experience with your business and post it to YouTube.

Using social media in 20 minutes. He’ll help you set up Twitter and Facebook and show you how to advertise your small business on your Facebook page… in 20 minutes.

Breed and raise pheasants & quails. Target market gourmet meat companies and hunting reserves. His 8-year-old sister will be selling designer flip-flops and hair bows online.

When it comes to ideas for new businesses kids can be creative and open-minded. They are incredibly future driven as well. Kids seem to get that a business is not built overnight and that they are building for tomorrow. They have no boundaries to their thought processes. Anything is possible.

Can we take a lesson from these kids?

How about you? Are you ready to believe that anything is possible? Do you realize that just about anything can be turned into a business?

Will you take the challenge and ask your kids what kind of business they would start today? Will you support them in believing they can do it? Intrigued? Leave me a comment or a question below!

Theresa Bradley-Banta, co-creator of Big Fish Tops Dogs, is a musician, award winning graphic artist, mentor, entrepreneur, blogger and owner of multiple businesses. You can visit her blog at bigfishtopdogs.com

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