If you try and don't suceed, try, try again.... right?

6 years ago

During the summer, I broke the handle that controlled our shower, which caused a major leak. The leak went undetected for quite a while and resulted in extensive water damage.  Poor Marc had to do major work to repair the ceiling underneath the shower.

We called in a plumber to repair the shower.  He did a great job, or so we thought. After months of thinking we were leak free, we discovered the leak was back with a vengeance.  Since we were in the process of changing our shower doors, we decided rather than try to fix it again; we would just buy a new fixture.

We scoured the internet looking for a modern fixture, and found one that we both loved.  Unfortunately, we had to do major plumbing work to utilize it since it was configured differently than our existing one.  But, the fixture was so beautiful; we felt the extra work and expense would be worth it. After all, this project was a “quality of life adjustment”.

Right after the plumbers installed it, I decided to try it out.  As usual, I turned on the water before stepping in. But, since the spray was angled directly at the shower doors, water started hitting the bathroom floor.  I didn’t pay any mind as I closed the doors and waited for the water to warm up.  As soon as I opened the door to step in, again, the bathroom floor experienced a shower.  By the time I was done, the floor was completely saturated.


Marc came up to try it out and found me on my hands and knees, surrounded by drenched towels mopping up the water.  “What happened?” he asked.


“Oh, I probably did something wrong,” I answered.  “I got a little water on the floor.” I down played.


My making a mess isn’t unusual, so Marc was unfazed.  “How was the shower?” he asked.


“It is so pretty,” I replied.  “I love it.”


“But, how does it work?” he asked.


“Um, why don’t you try it yourself,” I answered.


Marc turned on the faucet, and once again, the bathroom floor started to get rained upon.  “What the hell?” Marc asked.


“Yeah, that is what happened to me,” I told him.  “But don’t worry, I will clean it up.”


A few minutes later he emerged out of the shower.  This time, I was waiting at the ready with a mop. 


“So, isn’t it pretty?” I asked as he began to towel dry himself, and I began to clean up the water from the floor.  “Didn’t you like it?”


“No!” he replied, anger creeping across his face.  “It is all wrong.  Our shower isn’t the right shape for this fixture.  It is angled right at the door.  We will always have a flooded floor each time we shower.  And if that isn’t bad enough, since water is shooting out at all angles, there is no water pressure on the top where you need it most.”


“Yeah, I know.  I couldn’t get the shampoo out of my hair.” I said with a frown.


“We can’t keep it.” He said.  “What a waste.  I should have known better, but I got caught up in the moment.”


“What do you mean, we can’t keep it,” I asked.  “It is so pretty.”


“Yes, but look.  We can’t flood the bathroom every time we shower.”


“There is no work around,” I asked? “Can’t we make it work?”


Marc looked at me as if I was crazy, and then replied, “No, Hilary.  Not everything is a pair of shoes that you can make work even if they don’t fit.”


Man… that man knows me well….


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